Monday, 13 July 2015

Mouse Library

Each Christmas I make a pressie for my girls. As they get older it gets more difficult. No more teddies, or dolls, so last year I made a mouse Library (as you do) because DD loves to read and every mouse loves to read too.


Can you see Mr. Cat?

The mouse family love to read.....

Baby Mouse has to wear glasses.


Teeny tiny books.

Mummy Mouse and Daddy Mouse
and book love!


Candy Sweet Shop Party

My girls are all getting older and soon they won't want themed birthday parties like this, so I went all out on this one. GLUCOSE LEVEL THROUGH THE ROOF

The children got tickets for sweets when they won quizzes and games!! (yeah that rule ran ruin!)

Party games......

Lollipop Lane!

happy girl!

I'll miss all this :(

I'M BACK - what is this world?!!!

So the last time I posted was like - years ago and WOW Blogs have gone and changed! But I'm back and I still want to show you all my 'stuff" and see all your 'stuff' - so just saying


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Knitty Nora World

Just as the photographer took her photo, Jane's mum told her that she was adopted and would never have nice hair like hers. 

Visit Knitty Nora World for more of the same!

Knitty Nora World

Sandra agreed to, yet again, avert her eyes whilst Beverley had a discrete scratch. But, this was the last time.

Visit Knitty Nora World for more of the same!