Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Vintage Book Corner

I love vintage craft books and have so many which I haven't yet shared with you that I thought it was about time to do a bit of Show n Tell.
So firstly, here goes with Patchwork & Applique. 10 points for the year you think it was published ?
She looks happy.
The possibilities are endless aren't they? Me....I like looking at the pictures. TTFN Fleur xxxxx

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Springtime Tray

In preparation for Springtime (oh please come soon) I turned this...... into this...... I can just see a bunch Primroses and a bold egg with toast brought to me on it one morning. Yum. TTFN xxxx

Monday, 15 February 2010

Rocking Crazy Duck.

This is a little toy I picked up a while ago - but it sort of sums up the state I'm in at the moment.(see Appletree Cottage Blog) The duck floats in your bath whilst you wave the magnetic wand to make it go a bit crazy...I think that is the idea??? Although the duck is looking at that wand as though it is a hammer ready to bludgeon it doesn't it?
I do feel as though someone somewhere has cast their magic wand over me, giving me the life I always dreamed of having - although I am also like the duck, with no sense of direction and at the mercy of the wand. TTFN Fleur xxxxx

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Yummy Notions

I have this silly idea that I'll have a beautiful breakfast of ..... brought to me on my....... With fresh jam and butter on my new find...... Deluded or what? TTFN
Fleur xxx

Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Magic of Childhood

It's amazing the lengths I will go to recapture the magic of my childhood. All the picture books I poured over as a child have been lost, so when I see one at a CS, CB or Ebay and leap at it, like it belongs to me (perhaps it did?) So when I saw this one on Ebay in America, I had to have it. It was a small book, just right for little hands. Oh and look it's Educationally Sound too. I remember tracing the yellow ribbon over and over with my finger across the page. I remember wishing a lamb would follow me to school. Or at least having something love me so much that it couldn't bear to be without me. I remember wishing I went to a school like Mary's and having a dress like hers. But I don't remember this last verse at all. Do you?
TTFN Fleur xxxxx

Friday, 5 February 2010

Serious Bimbo Alert

Wow- how much am I missing you guys? I am so busy with Appletree Cottage that poor Marble Rose is being neglected (but not forgotten at all!).
So...sorry for being such a.....
1960's Bimbo Comics - don't know why I bought these???
and I promise to be back shortly with lots of makes and buys. I am still visiting all of you and love to escape into all your yummy blogs. Keep up the good work!!! TTFN xxxxxx