Thursday, 21 April 2011

Toy Treasure Trove

A while back the girls and I paid a visit to our local historic town of Arundel. It was utterly glorious, a gazillion antique shops and we especially enjoyed visiting the Cathedral.
However the highlight for the girl (alright and me) was fabulous little vintage toy shop. It seemed to have every toy imaginable and ofcourse we would have happily taken everything.
hmmm one doesn't look happy?
It's such a delight to go into one of these privately owned shops where the shop keeper has bought everything herself and takes pride in it all - a story behind everything. It was a proper treasure trove! Can you spot the shop keeper? TTFN xxxxxx

Wedding of 71

In 1971 Bianca and Mick got married - but so did my parents. Recently, my mum was having a sort through her Mum's old things - and came across a piece of perfectly preserved and folded wrapping paper. She realised that it was the wrapping paper that her Mum had used for her wedding present back in '71. So she has given it to me - I just love the colours and images - I think I will put it in a frame -it deserves it after surviving this long - shame the marriage didn't.
TTFN xxxxxx