Monday, 28 November 2011

Scottie Dogs

So the Christmas makes have begun! Every year I have been making dolls for the girls but quite frankly after lasts years epic makes, I just couldn't face it - so this year I'm trying my hand at Scottie Dogs and hopefully owls as well. Honestly, how we find the time I don't know ladies?!!!! I'm quite happy with the results for my first effort, finally getting to use up some fabric and even some little jingle bells around the collars. The Union Jack one is for my eldest (11 going on 21) - and how much fun is going through your collection of buttons? Why did nobody tell me!? TTFN xxxxxx

Monday, 7 November 2011

Anyone for CAKE?

So I recently visited Brighton on the south coast of England and accidentally ended up in a Cake shop. These were no normal cakes these were works of art!!!! I had never seen anything like it in my life. This was around Halloween, so there were a few spooky ones. I was inspired and went on to make a Bowling Cake for Lily's Bowling Party and a Castle for Poppy's Princess Party. I was chuffed to bits with my little effort - but nothing will ever compare to these.......... TTFN xxxxxxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Mish Mash Post

Not sure what this post is about - just a few of my favourite things and bargains - which we all luuurvee..... I bought two of these blankets from Ebay - separate sellers - but exactly the same pattern and colours........v. strange? I saw 8 of these chairs at the side of the road near where I live, being sold for £12 - and it just so happened I needed new kitchen chairs - how could I not? I am very tempted to paint them - - would you? I love this old toy - because I love pinball and Rupert bear - did you have one of these - my daughter loves it. I love this - and it was only 20p from a carboot. It is an oil burner, you fill the 'roof' with water and oil and burn the candle below - I WISH I knew how old it was...1950s??? Finally, this was 10p at the carboot and it has a hook to hang it up, but I saw the same thing on Ebay the other day as a jigsaw - either way - I love it!!! TTFN Fleur xxxxx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The elf on the Shef - and the rabbit, dog, zebra, cat......

This is a shelf my great grandfather made for me when I was little. It is currently in my tiny dressing room - a space which is completely and utterly mine, to fill with all the oddities I have collected since childhood.Not sure why, but since I was little, we have called these the lost boys.
This is a little trinket doll, I think from the 1950s.
These little elves have been with me since I was tiny.
This little scottie dog was my mums when she was little.
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

1950s Bridesmaid Dress

I have to share with you one of most favouritist things in the world. A bridesmaid's dress that my mum wore as a five year old in 1955. As a child I used to dress up in it all the time - I loved it so much - and was desperately sad when I grew out of it. Then in one of my mum's house moves it went missing for at least 20 years. Then a few weeks ago my mother paid me a visit and revealed she had found it and gifted it to me! It now hangs on my bedroom wall . It is so beautiful, to me anyway, the faded blue, pink and ivory net - the ragged silk flowers, the ruffles - I felt like a fairy princess when I wore it and it still brings me joy every morning. I was so affected by the missing fairy bridesmaid dress, that last Christmas, I even made my daughters dolls, called Lulu Charm Dolls (I should do a separate post) - in honour of it. Here are a couple of Lulu Charm Dolls with Blue Cat that I made for Poppy. They are called Lulu Charms because each dress had lots and lots of tiny charms sewn onto the net, little good luck tokens, shiny, pretty things that little girls love! But now, I have the real thing back! Hoorah!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Very Vintage Royal Wedding Party

Of course I had to go Vintage! I don't know why but it all went a bit 1940s! We all had such a wonderful time - we cried - we laughed - we shrieked - and we ATE!!! Everybody brought food along - and what a feast! We drank Pimms and started the morning with a traditional British Fry- Up, followed later by a very English Tea Party! All my vintage Royal collection was used to full effect - well - if not on a Royal Wedding, when?Before the food arrived........
Union Jack Trifle!!!!
Daddy's Rock CakesCucumber, Corned Beef - and yes even Spam Sandwiches!
Wish you could have been there!
Raising a cup of tea to the Happy Couple
I'm already gearing up to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!!!
TTFN xxxxxxxx