Thursday, 30 September 2010

Union Jack Cushions - Cheap as Chips

(For UK shoppers :( Currently at Poundland Union Jack cotton cushion covers - at - you guessed it £1 each. How many do you think I bought?!!! TTFN xxxx

Saturday, 25 September 2010

It just got SO much Better!

Eeek. I am so excited about sharing this with you. You just can't look at the pictures on this one you have to read on.... So here are the copious amounts of patchwork hexagons I was given by my Grandpa. There are so many, they go on and on.....I'm thinking OCD.....oh dear it's in my genes. So many different types of fabric. And wouldn't you believe it - my favourites, a tiny rose pattern, the kind I would have chosen myself, he HASN'T made up! How inconsiderate!
My favourite
There was also some old fabric - which I am sure I can find uses for. But here's the thing. There were also hundreds of cardboard hexagons ready to wrap. I began to realise they had been made from old greetings cards (obviously a big on recycling)(or really skint). Lots of Christmas Cards. So I started looking through them all - and out of all the hundreds there were - there was just one that had a name on it. And it was mine. My mother's handwriting and my tiny scrawls. I must have been about 2 years old.
See my tiny kiss x
So fate indeed. A sign even. A quilt just has to be made doesn't it? TTFN (don't forget to visit me at Apple Tree Cottage ) xxxxxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

It doesn't get Better than this!

OK - so how wild, colourful, crazy is this gigantic patchwork cover? And even crazier is that my Great Grandfather did it back in the 1960s. Clearly in touch with his (I won't say feminine side) "creative" side, Harry Jones, from Wales, was in his younger days a miner, but was prolific with his needlework to say the least. It's currently on my daughters bed and she loves it.
Recently I was given by my grandfather a bag with hundreds and hundreds of fabric hexagons, all made up with old 1950's material, waiting to be sewn together. Now this was indeed fate, as I had toyed with the idea of making a patchwork cushion or quilt for sometime, but had been put off by the idea of making all the patches. Problem solved. My dear great-grandfather (RIP) has done it for me - so now I get to finish something he started nearly 60 years ago. It doesn't get much better than that.
I will post some pics of the hexagons in next post - you'll love them!!!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Poor Abandoned Dollies.

Firstly, I know nothing about dollies, so excuse my ignorance - and please set me straight! Now I don't collect dolls - well I didn't - but when I found all these at the bottom of a car boot box, I thought perhaps I would buy one and give it to my youngest daughter. The seller however wanted £2 - so off I went to think about it. On return sometime later, the woman begged me to take the lot for £2. So of course I did. Aren't they a sorry sight? They need a good wash to start with - poor grubby faces. And those dresses? I don't think they were bought like this - it seems like someone has painstakingly made these dear outfits? And how old are these dolls? Oh please help me? Are they Barbie's...or Sindys. They deserve to have a name, don't you think? Most importantly though, my three girls love them and marvel at the beautiful, if not a bit dirty dresses. Finally these pretty (and not so pretty...see above) ladies are being played with again - and isn't that what all dollies want? TTFN