Friday, 10 September 2010

Poor Abandoned Dollies.

Firstly, I know nothing about dollies, so excuse my ignorance - and please set me straight! Now I don't collect dolls - well I didn't - but when I found all these at the bottom of a car boot box, I thought perhaps I would buy one and give it to my youngest daughter. The seller however wanted £2 - so off I went to think about it. On return sometime later, the woman begged me to take the lot for £2. So of course I did. Aren't they a sorry sight? They need a good wash to start with - poor grubby faces. And those dresses? I don't think they were bought like this - it seems like someone has painstakingly made these dear outfits? And how old are these dolls? Oh please help me? Are they Barbie's...or Sindys. They deserve to have a name, don't you think? Most importantly though, my three girls love them and marvel at the beautiful, if not a bit dirty dresses. Finally these pretty (and not so pretty...see above) ladies are being played with again - and isn't that what all dollies want? TTFN


  1. I'm not a dolly person either - wait for the experts, because they are out there - but those outfits are pretty stunning, arent't they? Love the last one - Carribean, I think! And all clearly home-made.

    From childhood memories, I'd say these are neither Barbie (too childlike) nor Sindy (heads far too small). Therefore, I'd say they are 1960s or 1970s dolls from the time before Sindy, and later Barbie, became the market leaders in the UK.

    Just wonderful to know that they are being loved and played with again!

  2. They're great! The first four look like copies (clones) of Sindy. The last two look like Barbie clones. Not sure about the middle one. Absolute bargain for £2!!
    I don't know why there was such a fashion for dressing dolls in enormous frilly frocks. I think it was an attempt to create 'boudoir dolls'!

  3. Flass sent me over as she knows I collect vintage fashion dolls
    What you have are Clone dolls from 60's/70's. I'd say etc 70's looking at the necks and styles.
    During this time Sindy and Barbie were highly expensive so those enterprising people from Hong Kong made clones (not nasty cheapo things but usually well made). They were also sold in dress and craft shops til quite recently as 'dressup dolls'.
    If you type in costume dolls you'll find info on them also clone doll.
    Some people collect these - I have a Tammy rip off from the '60s complete with smudged writing on the neck from where the original doll had her makers mark and the copyers rubbed at it with sandpaper before making a mould from it.

    Which reminds me I am supposed to be doing my next post on my doll collection LOL.

    A very nice buy for £2.

  4. I luv the one withe the Halloween ball gown...Thanks for sharing....Julian