Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Sweetness of a Rose

I suddenly realised there are roses everywhere in my house. I do love them though, my dream is to have a beautiful rose garden. My eldest daughter is even named after the Latin for Rose Garden. Tins tins and more tins......I like tins. Tee hee, I bought the above tin from ebay thinking it was a large cake tin. I didn't look at the measurements and when it arrived it was tiny! Just right to fit a cupcake in though! The above middle is actually a vintage Cadbury Roses tin which my mum gave to me. The rest? Carboots obviously :) I do love my Country Living Magazines, but when they reach the hundreds I reluctantly part with them and take them to the Doctors Waiting Room. Just call me Saint Marble Rose. Now this vintage quilt I am so proud of. I was going to the rubbish dump one day and saw a man about to throw it in one of the skips. Having no pride whatsoever I asked if I could have it? After a few weird looks, I came home popped it in the wash and it came up a treat! Pretty ballet bag. As we rent our home, I'm not allowed to paint the walls, so there is bunting EVERYWHERE! Time for tea, it always taste so much better out of a lovely old tea cup doesn't it? My bedside lamp Something to put all our toothbrushes in. Can you see the little blue rose talcum powder ball? Isn't it cute? Very 1950s. My youngest daughter wanted to model a rose ring for you all. And finally - THANK YOU all for your kind comments, I really really appreciate you visiting my blog. Finally, like minded people! TTFN x

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Rednesday Day!

My Rednesday Offering!!!!! Thanks to Fitty's Pinky Rose Cottage I had so many to chose from, I hadn't realised I had some many red bits and bobs!!! This fairground sweetie machine is in the girls playroom - they actually have to earn their 20p for it - but they feel very rewarded when all those sweeties come out. Notice we are running low! The table cloth is new charity shop find for 50p! Bits of kitchenalia which swamp my little kitchen. 10 points to those who know what the two items at the end are for! (why or why can't I figure the layout on here?) TTFN xxxx

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My Gifts to My Daughters

I thought I would share with you some furniture that I have painted for my daughters. I have three daughters, each named after a flower - and I wanted them to have something (not to be too morbid) that would be useful and personal, and hopefully pretty to remember me by. I still have one more to do, I just need to find the right cupboard

This one I painted whilst pregnant with my third girl. I couldn't decide on a name for her, so painted my favourite choices, I wonder if you can guess which I chose?


Violet, Poppy or Luci?

already had these two!

I copied the illustrations from a Victorian sketch book and included the Latin terms for each plant as well.

I painted this one whilst pregnant with my first child. I rescued the cupboard from a skip and put some shelves up inside. It's pretty distressed now - real distress that is.

A closer look at the posy. It only took one evening!!

So my search is on for cupboard number 3 - but I can tell you NOW - there will not be a number 4!


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Here's to You Mam

A litttle late, but whilst at a carbooty I came across all these old scrap books - and as I was feeling slightly patriotic with HM's 80th and St. George's Day, I couldn't resist. It actually made me feel quite sad, flicking through somebody elses beloved projects and wondered how such dedication managed to, decades later find itself shoved under a table, wrapped in a Sainsbury's bag at a car boot? They are full of 1950's newspaper cuttings, look at this fashion spread! And could the Mall be described this way anymore? Perhaps on a Saturday night maybe? Don't you love the colours in this illustration... I'd love to include them all in one of the bloggers giveaway, but still being a terrible novice I'm not sure how to include them? Heeeelp! This little chap was 50p at carbooty.... This atonimizer arrived from ebay today - isn't she lovely? And then these two little teapots for 50p each at a carboot, on seperate tables??? And it only took me a day to realise I had bought the Owl & the Pussycat! I've never seen this kind of teapot before, have you? On the base it says they are Japanese. Hope you are all well? TTFN xxx

Friday, 17 April 2009

Bags of fun

I had a lovely day yesterday, one of those unexpected ones. I took my mum and three girls around the village and popped into a few charity shops and then had lemonade and ginger bread men out in the sunshine. So lovely, especially as I found all these knitted squares stashed away for 99p. I had no idea what to do with them - but had some crochet flowers (I have yet to learn how to do these!!!), so sewed a few on......and I am thinking bag? or cushion? Thoughts please! I also found two single bed spreads in this completely outrageous material. I have no idea what on earth to make with it - suggestions on a postcard......
I heart my sewing bits & bobs......
Now, what to do with these four tinkers? I made the dolls in my title banner for my daughters and nieces at Christmas, they are called Betsy Dolls - but I don't have anymore of those faces, so bought these on ebay.
I love this little kitty, I've just got her - she dispenses string through her mouth. Actually that's a bit yuk isn't it?
And finally my children have just made these delights with their Grandma, so I'm off before they all disappear! TTFN

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Guilt?

I was fine with 'nibbling' at the kids' eggs, it felt obligatory really. However when the husband brought the 'surprise' chocolate fountain out - I knew any kind of moderation I had attempted would now be completely futile and I considered how my children were going to feel when they watched Mummy go into some kind of mental meltdown and just stick her mouth under the gushing river of Cadbury sin and get it all done with? Anyway..... Here's one of our Easter displays - I found the 1960's table runner at a charity shop and love it!
Button chicken.....
This year we painted bricks instead of eggs with these vintage looking transfers. They were a bit fiddly but we enjoyed it.
One of the lavender sachets I made from the vintage postcards.
My latest additions to the bunny collection inexplicably emerging, at least I think they're bunnies?
This one came over from America, a snip at 69p, but P&P made this bunny's hop quite pricey.
And finally two little ornaments that I couldn't resist.
(SO sorry for hideous quality of pictures, I'm still clearly novice standard, note to self -- must try harder) TTFN

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hail the Glorious Easter

A few of my favourite vintage postcards. I always look excitedly to see if there is writing on the back. Last Easter I scanned them, printed them onto cotton and made lavender bags for people instead of sending cards. When I figure out where my camera is (kinda essential for a blogger maybe) - I'll post them - but for my first ever blog, I'm playing it safe :)