Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My Gifts to My Daughters

I thought I would share with you some furniture that I have painted for my daughters. I have three daughters, each named after a flower - and I wanted them to have something (not to be too morbid) that would be useful and personal, and hopefully pretty to remember me by. I still have one more to do, I just need to find the right cupboard

This one I painted whilst pregnant with my third girl. I couldn't decide on a name for her, so painted my favourite choices, I wonder if you can guess which I chose?


Violet, Poppy or Luci?

already had these two!

I copied the illustrations from a Victorian sketch book and included the Latin terms for each plant as well.

I painted this one whilst pregnant with my first child. I rescued the cupboard from a skip and put some shelves up inside. It's pretty distressed now - real distress that is.

A closer look at the posy. It only took one evening!!

So my search is on for cupboard number 3 - but I can tell you NOW - there will not be a number 4!



  1. Mable Rose, I just love your idea, an no it's not mobid..it is so thoughtful. What a great way to honor your daughters. And such a great job. Thank you for your sweet commit on my blog. I am saving your blog to my favorites so I can follow you.

  2. Hi! Thanks for joining me on Rednesday! I see we have a lot in common, so I'm going to follow you, too!

    The furniture is lovely, and you're such a talented artist! The red flower is definitely a poppy!


  3. They are lovely! Such special pieces painted with love.

  4. They are absolutely Beautiful! You are very talented, what lovely lovely things for your daughters to treasure.

  5. <3 ¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤ BEAUTIFUL! ¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨ <3

    Eee, yer a clever stick! :oD X

  6. What a beautiful idea. You are so clever and talented x I bet you think I am stalking you! I am not just reading through your blog as only discovered it tonight! and want to comment on so many of your posts. x

  7. Very sweet, your girls will treasure these always!