Friday, 17 April 2009

Bags of fun

I had a lovely day yesterday, one of those unexpected ones. I took my mum and three girls around the village and popped into a few charity shops and then had lemonade and ginger bread men out in the sunshine. So lovely, especially as I found all these knitted squares stashed away for 99p. I had no idea what to do with them - but had some crochet flowers (I have yet to learn how to do these!!!), so sewed a few on......and I am thinking bag? or cushion? Thoughts please! I also found two single bed spreads in this completely outrageous material. I have no idea what on earth to make with it - suggestions on a postcard......
I heart my sewing bits & bobs......
Now, what to do with these four tinkers? I made the dolls in my title banner for my daughters and nieces at Christmas, they are called Betsy Dolls - but I don't have anymore of those faces, so bought these on ebay.
I love this little kitty, I've just got her - she dispenses string through her mouth. Actually that's a bit yuk isn't it?
And finally my children have just made these delights with their Grandma, so I'm off before they all disappear! TTFN


  1. I think you should use the flowery material for an apron and head scarf! The knitted squares could be used as blankets for the Betsy dolls? Love your blog! Well done you! X

  2. Lovely finds! The dolls are fabulous - looking forward to reading more of your posts!