Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bits from my Kitchen

A bit random really and I could have done a post about each piece, but you know what it's I thought I would do a collective post.
Firstly a 1960s measurement converter. I love this, it was pence at a CB and it really helps me convert when baking old recipes. It needs to be put up on the wall - another job another time.
A newie! Bought recently from Poundland, lovely blackboard, somebody's trying their luck! More newies! The tins were 50p each!!! And who could resist the mugs for £1....sometimes the new fits nicely with the old doesn't it? OK, so lots of this is new stuff actually. The board is magnetic, but used mostly for my keys (check out one of the only CK things I own!) Pin-board! Not that you can see the board for bills and party invites - children's unfortunately. And now a favourite. I paid quite a bit for this on Ebay and I really need to get it up on the wall. Not sure of the age, but it is a clothes line! The rope pulls from the front and when you're finished you reel it in. It came with lots of dear little pegs. I do wonder what age this is? Finally, my mother-in-law gave me this floor sweeper, I believe it was her great aunts, so lets just say, it's early 1900s. And......most importantly it works!
Hope you all had a good weekend?

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dotty for Spotty

I love my china, so I wanted to show you what I have on my kitchen shelf at the moment. All of my china sets are carboot finds, although the top shelf was a pressie from my Mummy. My most recent purchase is the polka dot set - I think they are 1950s? £3 for the set - not bad eh? What do you think of the old 1950s shopping basket - really cute lining isn't it. What is it when it's not wicker, but that kind of plastic stuff ?
Finally because I am dotty about spotty - my new pair of wellies. Funny how a pair of wellies can make doing the dirtiest of jobs, that little bit less mundane. How you are enjoying your weekends? !!! TTFN xxxxxx