Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Bits!

Courtesy of Bluebird Crafts
Hand painted Christmas Eggs.
Just a few Christmas images to send you all on your festive way. Like.....who has time to read??? Just some from my kitchen - how do you decorate your kitchen, or do you?
Vintage Christmas Salt n' Pepper Mr & Mrs Claus!
Christmas Pudding Pot, where chocolate coins magically appear.
Have absolutely fab Christmas with your families and always know your bloggy friendship is valued by Marble Rose.
TTFN xxxxx

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Marble Rose Homemade Christmas

It's a homemade Christmas over at Marble Rose-dom. Lack of money is a driving force - but I still think receiving a gift someone has poured effort and love into, is worth its weight in gold, even if it is a little skeewiff or lopsided.
I haven't made a Betsy Doll for nearly three years -but I had promised my niece - and myself that she wouldn't be left out! I posted Betsy today, so I hope the Royal Mail treats her well.
Then I made luxury flannels for the ladies in my life - (mum and sis in laws) - I always despair at the kids using my flannels for "washing' their dolls - or whatever else they care to wipe it on - so making a flannel that absolutely shouts "VERY SPECIAL MUMMY FLANNEL" - may just act as a small deterrent to other small hands? (hmm or the complete opposite?) These flannels are BIG - I mean nice-big-close your eyes - cover your face in warm water and sigh - BIG. Trimmed with cute material and lace, I placed them in some baskets and added some special bubble bath and obligatory chocs. What better way to wake yourself up in the morning eh? And finally my crochet - yes those years of knotting, tears and sore fingers paid off. I've made the girls some hats and my sis-in-law a snood thing with her fav colour wool - and a small wee Panda Bear for my eldest - (crocheting in that black wool was like crocheting with eyelashes!) So that's it for now. I did my best and offer it with love. Home-made Christmas indeed. Can't wait to show you the Lulu Charm Dolls I've made for the girls and tell you about the Children's book I've written " Adventures with Mrs. Rolipop" , endorsed by Boden. (Free Clothes!) Squeal! TTFN xxxxxxx

Friday, 19 November 2010


I was so happy - giddy in fact about winning this giveaway from The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy. All the bits were everything I LOVE.
There was even some yummy chocolate thrown in there - of course it lasted seconds. A handmade brooch made by Beki. Ribbon & a really great smelling candle, also CK hankies. Give me a cold now! And a book - can't wait to indulge. And my favourite - BEAUTIFUL bunting, again made by Beki. It is so so pretty - and I have been meaning to do some myself - but time just hasn't allowed - I was going to put it in the kitchen, but I think I will put it up in my bedroom as a reminder each morning that random acts of kindness are still bestowed, that there are like minded, clever, kind people out there in the world - and a reminder to GET UP OUT OF BED AND MAKE THE MOST OF MY DAY IN THIS GOOD WORLD!!!!
Thank you Beki.
TTFN Fleur

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Lavender Lovelies & a Win!!!!

Just thought I'd share my latest fondness and fortune. Lavender....... Lavender milk. Just warm milk with a spoon full of lavender sugar. Very yummy and as lavender is a sedative, great to make you sleepy (or the kids). Also, Lavender & Lemon jam - bought from a local lady. It is so yummy, this small jar lasted a morning! Finally a bloggy Thank You to.... Beki at The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy. I won her FABULOUS GIVEAWAY and I can't tell you how lovely all the things are, well I will when they arrive! Thank you Beki! xxx TTFN xxxxx

Monday, 1 November 2010

A Lost Corner

Dust anyone - help yourself......
Any suggestions on what to do here? It's where my little Catholic remnants rest, well some of them. The Collection Box is at some point going to be put in our Bathroom, for people to "donate" a penny, rather than "spend" one. The bureau is great and more so because the grammar school my brother teaches at were throwing them away. So I took 2 - I would have taken more if space allowed. My question is - would you paint this bureau white?
Advise & discuss
TTFN xxx

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bits from my Kitchen

A bit random really and I could have done a post about each piece, but you know what it's I thought I would do a collective post.
Firstly a 1960s measurement converter. I love this, it was pence at a CB and it really helps me convert when baking old recipes. It needs to be put up on the wall - another job another time.
A newie! Bought recently from Poundland, lovely blackboard, somebody's trying their luck! More newies! The tins were 50p each!!! And who could resist the mugs for £1....sometimes the new fits nicely with the old doesn't it? OK, so lots of this is new stuff actually. The board is magnetic, but used mostly for my keys (check out one of the only CK things I own!) Pin-board! Not that you can see the board for bills and party invites - children's unfortunately. And now a favourite. I paid quite a bit for this on Ebay and I really need to get it up on the wall. Not sure of the age, but it is a clothes line! The rope pulls from the front and when you're finished you reel it in. It came with lots of dear little pegs. I do wonder what age this is? Finally, my mother-in-law gave me this floor sweeper, I believe it was her great aunts, so lets just say, it's early 1900s. And......most importantly it works!
Hope you all had a good weekend?

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dotty for Spotty

I love my china, so I wanted to show you what I have on my kitchen shelf at the moment. All of my china sets are carboot finds, although the top shelf was a pressie from my Mummy. My most recent purchase is the polka dot set - I think they are 1950s? £3 for the set - not bad eh? What do you think of the old 1950s shopping basket - really cute lining isn't it. What is it when it's not wicker, but that kind of plastic stuff ?
Finally because I am dotty about spotty - my new pair of wellies. Funny how a pair of wellies can make doing the dirtiest of jobs, that little bit less mundane. How you are enjoying your weekends? !!! TTFN xxxxxx

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Union Jack Cushions - Cheap as Chips

(For UK shoppers :( Currently at Poundland Union Jack cotton cushion covers - at - you guessed it £1 each. How many do you think I bought?!!! TTFN xxxx

Saturday, 25 September 2010

It just got SO much Better!

Eeek. I am so excited about sharing this with you. You just can't look at the pictures on this one you have to read on.... So here are the copious amounts of patchwork hexagons I was given by my Grandpa. There are so many, they go on and on.....I'm thinking OCD.....oh dear it's in my genes. So many different types of fabric. And wouldn't you believe it - my favourites, a tiny rose pattern, the kind I would have chosen myself, he HASN'T made up! How inconsiderate!
My favourite
There was also some old fabric - which I am sure I can find uses for. But here's the thing. There were also hundreds of cardboard hexagons ready to wrap. I began to realise they had been made from old greetings cards (obviously a big on recycling)(or really skint). Lots of Christmas Cards. So I started looking through them all - and out of all the hundreds there were - there was just one that had a name on it. And it was mine. My mother's handwriting and my tiny scrawls. I must have been about 2 years old.
See my tiny kiss x
So fate indeed. A sign even. A quilt just has to be made doesn't it? TTFN (don't forget to visit me at Apple Tree Cottage ) xxxxxx