Sunday, 30 August 2009

Musical Greeting Cards

These are a little bit before my time - musical greetings cards - but they are so cute. A little worse for wear, there is a special knack to getting the mechanisms going now, but once they start they sound great!! The Christmas Card plays Jingle Bells And the Birthday Card plays Happy Birthday - what else? I think they must be 1950s? I wish they still made them, I much prefer them to the digital ones don't you? Oh dear, just listening to Jingle Bells makes me feel festive!!!!
TTFN xxxx

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Vintage Wallpaper - and what to do with it???

Now I know what my husband would tell me to do with it! It reminds me of Holly Hobby. But what about you? Two rolls from Car boot for £1 - but like my Grandma used to say, "Only a bargain if you use it." I am putting together a BIG stash for a GREAT BIG GIVE-AWAY - perhaps someone could do something with a roll? Maybe? I'm thinking of buying one of those binder thingies, as I'd really like to make some note books, has anybody used them or has any advice? Oh and if anyone else is clued up on copyright laws........heeellllppp meee please. Have great weekend you lovely lot! TTFN xxx

Thursday, 27 August 2009

1950's Glamour vs 2009 Neurosis

One of my latest fascinations is the 1950's, I'm not sure why - maybe because I am attracted to the portrayal of women seemingly more in control of their lives than I am now - women that took pride in motherhood alone and their self worth didn't seem compromised by lack of career. Maybe? Whilst going to college, university and striving to be at the top of my field, I still always placed my dream to be a mother and provide my future children with a beautiful home paramount, it was just something way more important to me than promotions and my own office (although it was good when I had them). Now, three children on I do enjoy 'paid work' -when I get it - but I have also allowed myself to feel successful in having raised children and run a home with equal self congratulation and smugness. Don't get me wrong - I owe a debt to the 1950 generation of strong women who strove for equality in the workplace, post war women whose strength I have huge admiration for. We should have that right to chose, to be given the same opportunities as a man. I know this. But choice may have melted my brain and exhausted my body - because now I feel women's credibility may be marked by her place in the workforce and her likability (for want of a better word) reflected by her domestic/maternal status. Choice may have equaled a division and a conflict, in ourselves and between each other. However I feel, actually, women are on the verge of a renaissance - times are a changing (that's maybe another post?)
Wow - what a blumin awful babble!!!! Don't usually do that!!! SORRY!!! I think what I'm trying to say (terribly) is - I often wish I was born in a time when women's' ambition didn't fuel insecurities or play host to a mountain of guilt. (OMGOODNESS what a thing to admit!!!!) And these magazines just seem to illustrate a time when women 'knew their place and were bloody happy with it!' The images seem to portray women who didn't live in frustration by their lack of professional achievement (like me) didn't feel embarrassed to smile like a Cheshire Cat at a new washing machine (like me) get excited over a new vacuum (like me) or even (wait for it) occasionally slap on a bit of lip gloss and a pointy bra before the hubby came home (OK well not me). BUT..... hey - we all know these women's magazines don't always tell the complete truth don't we? And I'm certain behind those killer breasts and red hot lips these were women as neurotic and mentally unstable as me :))))
Who cares? Let's just enjoy the pictures!!!!!! I was thinking about making a few posters out of these images!!!! TTFN xxxx
OH - thank you everybody for your wonderful support of my little Etsy shop!!! I have had my first order!!!! Your well wishes mean so much to me.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Marble Rose Memo Boards

So with bloggy excitement I'd like to present to you my latest creations.....
Babies have busy schedules too you know! All those parties and doctors appointments. Surely they deserve a pin board all to themselves!!!! Some have writing on - some have been left blank. Each one has little pink and blue nappy pins and cute nursery echelons. There's white, pink, yellow, baby blue and eggshell. Saying that, why should the children get all that cuteness? What do you think? I have experimented with all kinds of colours - and there has been ALOT of trial and error (cork cutting, decal making, varnishing!) . Why does something so simple take so long to get right? Anyhoo - suggestions would as always be very much appreciated. I have been making many things to go into the Marble Rose shop - I am going to bring the prices down - so people can maybe purchase the pencil cases for Christmas - YES -I said the C word!!!!
Hope you are all enjoying your week?
TTFN xxxxx