Friday, 7 August 2009

Herby Bath Bombs...

Update: It's all embarrassingly simple - no measuring - just mix and see - note of warning though - I'm not sure how long these will last if you mix with water. If you made them dry (don't add water) then you could give as gifts. My youngest has chicken pox - and she is suffering terribly. My niece had it a while back and my SIL did a wonderful post on her blog Reap What You Grow on how to make Lavender Bath Bombs to create a soothing bath - we went further and chucked anything else from the herb garden.
We chopped the herbs......
We mixed with oats and a drop of water....
We got messy....
And we made lots and lots of very pretty BATH BOMBS.
The oats are supposed to calm the itchiness and I suppose the lavender acts as an antiseptic and will help sedate her before bed! As for all the other herbs we used - I'll let you know what they do! TTFN xxx


  1. So where's the recipe? I wouldn't mind giving these a go!
    Hope your little one gets better soon, none of mine have ever had it but I have and it's bloody 'orrible.
    Loved the sesspool yesterday, made me laugh out loud on a day that I felt like crying, thank you!
    Beki xxx

  2. They look great and would make nice gifts, just need the recipe or is it just a case of chuck it all in until you get the right consistency? Hope your daughter stops itching soon.
    Yvonne x

  3. I remember the nights being the worst when they got so hot. Oh and being the plague family for two weeks. God it was boring with two under fives looking poxy and no one coming near us.

    I've put the instructions of the teepee on the post Fleur in case you're interested. I guess you might need to make it slightly bigger to fit three in at one time.

    Lisa x

  4. They look gorgeous and even if it was a placebo effect it seemed to work on Ferny. Can't wait to see what your other herbs do! With all the mosquito bites we acquired on holiday, our stash of bath bombs has come in handy. We might all need them after camping next weekend.