Sunday, 30 August 2009

Musical Greeting Cards

These are a little bit before my time - musical greetings cards - but they are so cute. A little worse for wear, there is a special knack to getting the mechanisms going now, but once they start they sound great!! The Christmas Card plays Jingle Bells And the Birthday Card plays Happy Birthday - what else? I think they must be 1950s? I wish they still made them, I much prefer them to the digital ones don't you? Oh dear, just listening to Jingle Bells makes me feel festive!!!!
TTFN xxxx


  1. Hello!
    Thanks for the word of caution for London fleas and advice to find a good car boot. I find that whether in London, Seattle, Los Angeles or wherever, there are places where prices match what you are willing to pay and places where they don't! We only spent an hour or two at Portobello Road/Market ... with Carnivale and the tourist trade, most prices were, indeed, beyond what we wanted to pay. We did, however, have some nice chats with store owners and had a lot of fun looking. (and some buys!) As the crowd built up we headed away and went to see "Peter Pan" in the tenting at Kensington Gardens. It wasn't a bargain, either, but we had a great time.
    Being from the Northwest coast of the states, we are quite used to such summertime "sunny" weather.
    Hoping to go to Haward's Heath for a sale on Wednesday and really enjoyed Kempton Park last week. Not sure about any boot sales, as there are many areas and we don't know our way about (and still so many museums and cultural venues to visit).
    We are enjoying our holiday, and appreciate all the advice that folks have given us. Any recommendations?
    Hope you have a fun bank holiday Monday!
    Betty :)

  2. What lovely cards......please don't mention Christmas yet...I have friends who have already bought their cards!!Madness!

  3. I had no idea that musical cards went back that far! I bet they sound much better than the digital ones, although the boys and I have enormous fun with a digital Obi Wan Kenobi card which says 'You must learn the ways of the Force' - we can make him rap!

  4. What beautiful musical cards. I have not come across any when I have attended vintage postcard fairs. How wonderful, I'd love to hear one.
    Isabelle x

  5. Ah.. how lovely to see more of these vintage charms..
    I was given one of these by my dear friend Kim (aka Milly ... partner in crime) last year for my Birthday.. It is one of my most treasured possessions. To see a photo of it.. see my blog post for Sept 18th 2008.
    It would be wonderful to collect these but I have never seen them in my travels.. only on my blog travels.
    Michele x

  6. Your comments about Clarice Cliff made me laugh so much she certainly does have a face only a mother could love! And to think her pottery was sold in Woolworths to start with!
    Yes you will certainly be seeing me at the country living Christmas fair x x

  7. I love these vintage cards and the wallpaper in the last post. Me and Lindsey love finding things like these! Twyla

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