Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Beamish - Part II - Let's Shop!!!

So, off we tread down the high street in Beamish Town 1918 ish. Firstly, let's pop into the hardware shop. You can't hear her (or see her particularly well as these are phone pics -sorry) - but the shop assistant is asking us if we would like our knives sharpened? Reminding us that stainless steel has not yet been invented and a regularly visit to the knife sharpener is highly advisable. Thanks Miss - but we're off to the more popular and crowded......Sweet Shop! It's complete mayhem in here - let's pop across the road to the Grocers! Now off we go, briefly, as my eyes are watering from excitement (blurry pics sorry - grrrrr) - to the Haberdashery..... I need to pop into the Printers & Stationers to buy a few bit & bobs...... An Exercise Book....... A few little cards...... And ephemera of all sorts.... But my favourite.....A License to have my own male servant. Did you get one too - excellent! Tram home....back to my house for tea and scones.... you will see the inside of my Beamish Terrace House! That's Part III.
Hope you enjoyed our trip. Thank you for all your kind comments about my deck chair - I may even make another one after all that encouragement!
TTFN xxxx


  1. Yes ,enjoyed it ,thank you!
    I am going to a similar place in Torquay,on Saturday.
    It's called 'Bygones'
    I hope they allow photos!! ;-)

  2. Ah that was good, I would love to see that haberdashery (oh and the sweet shop!)

    Mel xxx

  3. HOw awesome is this place? I would never have left, I would have been locked up in the Beamish jail for loitering !

    Sweet shop is the best!

  4. I did enjoy my tip, thank you so much!
    Rachel x

  5. That looks so much fun!

    Victoria xx

  6. Lovely! I really like that everything is in good condition & looks as if it was still new - someplaces have rusty old stuff which would never have been in a shop at the time.


  7. I loved every bit of that post! Thanks for taking me along it was fab…I love days out like that.

    Love Lou xxx

  8. Thanks so much for popping by my blog. I love yours!! Lots of goodies and pretty things to see here!

  9. Thank you, I enjoyed that visit to Beamish. I think you're cheeky, get those scissors out girl and start cutting up those embroidered linens.