Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Marble Rose Memo Boards

So with bloggy excitement I'd like to present to you my latest creations.....
Babies have busy schedules too you know! All those parties and doctors appointments. Surely they deserve a pin board all to themselves!!!! Some have writing on - some have been left blank. Each one has little pink and blue nappy pins and cute nursery echelons. There's white, pink, yellow, baby blue and eggshell. Saying that, why should the children get all that cuteness? What do you think? I have experimented with all kinds of colours - and there has been ALOT of trial and error (cork cutting, decal making, varnishing!) . Why does something so simple take so long to get right? Anyhoo - suggestions would as always be very much appreciated. I have been making many things to go into the Marble Rose shop - I am going to bring the prices down - so people can maybe purchase the pencil cases for Christmas - YES -I said the C word!!!!
Hope you are all enjoying your week?
TTFN xxxxx


  1. These are gorgeous, love them!
    Where do you get the decals from?
    Look forward to seeing what else you put in your shop, I feel some chrimbo shopping coming on 'hehe'!
    Beki xxx

  2. AHHHH!!! I love them!! You are so creative -- I LOVE the decals you choose.

  3. Those are not only creative, but really well made too. Well done!

  4. They are really sweet, I would have loved something like that when my two were tiny.

    Mel xxx

  5. I just love the cute decals you use! They remind me of when I was small

    Victoria x

  6. I think you've just come up with something quite wonderful! And hopefully lucrative as well!

  7. What a brilliant idea, a unique pressie to give and to receive.
    Lainie x

  8. Love them! I work with nursery decals, too! They sure are TRICKY but oh so cute! ♥

  9. Cute!!! Thanks for visiting today. Your comment made me laugh. Maybe I should hire Natalie out to a TV network to write. I bet she can do better than some of those sitcoms. ;)

  10. Just to thank you for your comments on my blog.
    Can't imagine why I haven't come across your blog before, its so interesting and has many features on things I like. I also love vintage childrens books and collect vintage toys.
    Love your Betsy dolls.