Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Adventures of Paddy Pork. (it just sounds wrong doesn't it?)

What a fab little car boot find. This lovely children's' book has a clever appeal - look closely at the two pages - can you find the centrefold.....and now can you see where the page turns to create a new picture? This occurs on every page - such a sweet idea.
He's just realised he's in a Butchers...Run Paddy Run!!!!
Right - that's put me in the mood for a bacon sarny.
TTFN xxxx

Old Green Eyes.

Remember these two? Well I've added to my collection - I can call it that now I think....officially.
Except, I have decided she is a bit evil, as she peeps out from behind whatever I prop her up against, she just looks kinda.....sneaky. Anyhoo I am still culminating all I can for a 100th Post Giveaway - I think I will try and coincide for Christmas and put lots of goodies that suit every lovely blogger. Sorry if I have been a bit remiss with my comments on your blogs - I have been a bit busy with work...sorry. Speaking of giveaways though the lovely Michela is having a very generous giveaway over at Little Secrets from My Garden. Don't enter though - that prize is mine all mine.
TTFN xxxxxx

Give away at Little Miss Heirlooms

Head over to the lovely Little Miss Heirlooms for her superduper give away, a great opportunity to go shopping in her lovely new shop. TTFN xxx

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Thai Festival

So it started well, lapping up the Fruit Sculptures (see below post) and admiring shrines and religious icons. Then we drifted into the food section, which smelled great and looked fantastic!!!! However, naughtily, I think I spent too much of my time in the Hello Kitty stall!!! (tee!) There was also some great handmade 'monster' stuff - which I didn't buy - but drew (nicked) loads of ideas from. The following day I popped into Primark, picked up a few cheap tea shirts and plan to make some monster T-Shirts for Christmas. These were fab. Beans (or pulses, or...something?) that have various words on them, so when you plant them and they sprout, the new beans display your chosen word -HOW DOES THAT WORK!!!??? We also made some traditional Thai thingies - Although it didn't see so magical when it caught fire in the paddling pool and the rubber duck began to melt. TTFN xxxxxx

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Clever Fruit and Veg

We recently went to a Thai Festival here in Surrey and although I spent much of my time eating lovely Thai food and browsing the stalls (next post!!!) I did manage to stop and smell the roses - well - look at some vegetables - but wow - they were real show stoppers!!! How clever is this chap? I had a really wonderful chat with him - he explained how he now creates many centre pieces for weddings! This lady was just amazing. Imagine doing this with a melon? Or this for Halloween! Think I better practice my carving skills. TTFN xxxx

Saturday, 12 September 2009

School Gift for Big School Girl

Poppy's first week at school was a huge success, she is loving every minute and (*sniff*) I'm....OK....too......thanks..... Anyway, I had been saving this little gift for her. I bought it at a CS (£4) a while back and with a quick polish and polka dot lining, it scrubbed up well. She was delighted and quickly filled it with her pencil case and ABC book.
How cute???
TTFN xxxx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Pleasant Packaging, Poor Product.

Three examples for you. Exhibit A) Nice box........not (imho) very, pretty candle holders. Exhibit B) Pretty packaging for some festive, 1970's soaps, but sadly were a bit stinky. Exhibit C) ........ I loved the box, but I should never...... ever.... have opened it. Because it was cleverly deceptive, like Pandora's Package - once these little daggery, delights got out, they never went back in - and they are EVERYWHERE!!!! What am I going to do with them all? There's only one thing for it - Cocktails Ladies?
TTFN xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bye Bye Holiday. Hello New Life.

(The Tufty Club was a 1970's UK Government Campaign for Road Safety Awareness - and I adored it)
Well the Holidays come to an end here today and tomorrow all three of my darlings go back to school, my youngest for the first time. So I really need to come up with a game plan - get some sort of career back on track maybe? It's hugely tempting to play house and get some tidying done and shopping and ironing and making and..........but - with a pending, gigantic, mortgage on the horizon, I think I have to firmly bite 'paid work' bullet. Apart from all that - more importantly, I am going to miss my little girls, terribly, actually and the quietness I so often prayed for these last 7 weeks, may become a deafening reminder that I am all alone.
Poppy at shoe shop with her 1st pair of school shoes
Good luck Poppy - I am very proud of you.
Mummy xxxxxx