Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bye Bye Holiday. Hello New Life.

(The Tufty Club was a 1970's UK Government Campaign for Road Safety Awareness - and I adored it)
Well the Holidays come to an end here today and tomorrow all three of my darlings go back to school, my youngest for the first time. So I really need to come up with a game plan - get some sort of career back on track maybe? It's hugely tempting to play house and get some tidying done and shopping and ironing and making and..........but - with a pending, gigantic, mortgage on the horizon, I think I have to firmly bite 'paid work' bullet. Apart from all that - more importantly, I am going to miss my little girls, terribly, actually and the quietness I so often prayed for these last 7 weeks, may become a deafening reminder that I am all alone.
Poppy at shoe shop with her 1st pair of school shoes
Good luck Poppy - I am very proud of you.
Mummy xxxxxx


  1. Good luck Poppy and Mummy!! My one and only started full time school today and the silence was deafening. Thankfully he LOVES it!!
    Chin up
    Twiggy x

  2. Oh, what a big day for you all! My boys are now both in secondary school for the first time (the little one only aged ten and a half!!!!), soI see what you mean. I will be very interested to see what you decide to do... I hope we'll be able to support you here in blogland!

  3. Channel 4 at 10.35, you've have so got to watch it!
    Hope all goes well tomorrow, Jess starts the comp on friday and i'm dreading it, she's fine lol. At least I still have the little man at home though.
    Beki xxx

    p.s take some tissues with you

  4. Hello Fleur!
    Thank you so much for following my blog!
    Your little princess is really beautiful!
    I've got still a picture of my first day of school wearing a blue uniform, such lovely memories!
    Best wishes! xxx

  5. I know the feeling! my little ones went back to school and the childminder today! A few wobbly moments in the car after dropping them off...back now for cuddles though!

  6. I had that very book when I was a child! And a Tufty club badge, too - but unfortunately it has not survived - I probably threw it all out in a teenage fit of sophistication! Great to discover your blog - and hope you find some work that suits. Good luck for tomorrow - my baby starts her last year at primary school - the time has gone all too quickly!

    Pomona x

  7. Hope they enjoy the new term!
    Tufty is so cute!x

  8. Hope the new start goes well for all,

    Victoria xx

  9. Good luck too poppy! My son went back to school today and my other son starts college next week, it only seems like yesterday that it was his first day at school.

    I am off to the college tonight to have a look at what courses they do… good luck with whatever you decide to do.
    Love Lou xxx

  10. I had a great Tufty hanky, how I've wanted to find that again over the years as I loved Tufty club.

    School came a bit earlier for you. We're back on Monday here. Hope the first day went well for all of you. Spend a few days enjoying you time before thinking about the job. It'll come soon enough and then you'll wish you had I bet. So the mortgage is looking probable. Scary and exciting too Fleur.

    Lisa x

  11. Good luck Poppy!
    First day already, my how the summer has flown by. I know you will love school. knock 'em dead girl!
    Lots of love as always
    Lainie x