Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Where am I?

On holiday in Northumberland on the English borders to Scotland. My family goes back four generations in this County, but I'd like to share with you a very special place in a village that has played home to our family for some time.My Great Grandma May (Nanny), used to be Head House Keeper here during the 1920's when my Grandpa Colin was a very little boy. She worked there for most of her life. The servants quarters were in the West Wing (see above) and my mother who lived in the village used to spend much of her time here too. Another generation later, I was born and I discovered the Secret Garden...The Pet Cemeteryand the Chair Swing - that looks a little worse for wear now.One more generation and my lovely daughters arrive, their Great Great Grandma May, only present in sepia photographs on the wall and now my Grandpa Colin, an old man, lives in the West Wing, the servants quarters now his beautiful home, however there is still his mothers handwriting on the inside of the giant linen cupboards - her presence always with us. I know I'm lucky, I love this place, but it makes me so sad to think that one day there won't be anymore of my family here, only those that lie peacefully in the church grounds that saw them Christened and married. My husband proposed to me in that church, afterward I wrote in the Parish visitor's book to record our moment. There is a big oak tree in the nearby woods, it has the carved initials of three generations of our family- our family tree. My Grandparents ran the Post Office, that no longer exists, but I look at the steps that lead up to its front door and wonder if the new owners know why they are so worn? I know where the Magic Fairy ring is and I know about the men behind the names on the WW1 stone Memorial, because my Nanny told me about them.What will I do, when I have no one to visit here, just a tourist, a visitor, that can only stand outside a cottage, point up to a window and say to my children, that used to be my bedroom? TTFN xxxx

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dress Disaster!

Just to prove not everything I make comes out according to plan - well very little does actually - here's something I made/ attempted / failed at earlier. A dress for my youngest! I stopped half way through, suddenly aware of the futility of proceeding. We all had a laugh at Mummy's attempt at making her first dress, without measuring her child and without a pattern, just impatient enthusiasm. I say we all had a laugh, Youngest took her time. I thought it was all going to plan, until I started sewing. I had used another dress as a template, but then with blind confidence thought I would improvise.I also realised that whoever had the privilege of wearing this dress was going to look alot like a Toadstool. So, I stopped and have packed away my sewing machine, until I have collected my dignity back off the floor. In the meantime - go on have a giggle - at least then I know all my hardish work will have been for something. TTFN xxxxx

Monday, 18 May 2009

Piano stool, but no Piano

Just wanted to show you something I picked up at the booty - a piano stool. I painted it cream as it needed a bit of attention, but I loved the cushion. All I need now is a piano! TTFN xxxx

Sunday, 17 May 2009


Patty Pam! I have been very curious about what 'felting' is - and then I accidentally found out with my daughter's best winter dress. The detailing is very pretty.So, inspired my fellow bloggers, I decided to cut it up, it really was unwearable and developed an idea...... And made this little cutey. She's not entirely perfect, but for a first attempt, she's alright and the girls love her. I have about five more of these dolly faces, so things can only get better. I think she is definitely a winter dolly, so I am thinking Christmas presents?I couldn't seem to glue her together - I thought that was the point of felt!?! Of course she had to have the Marble Rose trade mark 'pom pom' tail, like the Betsy Dolls. I think she's found her new home. TTFN xxxx I really must at some point return to my paid job and unpaid three children.

Transfers Website

Just a quickie for those who wanted to know where to purchase the transfers I use..... http://www.decorativedecals.co.uk/shop/page/1?shop_param= She is a lovely lady and I wish I could buy her entire stock. Here's what I'm working on at the moment. I could spend my entire day doing these, they're very immediate and incredibly satisfying - perhaps I should open an Etsy shop? Hmm, on second thoughts........ TTFN xxxxx

Saturday, 16 May 2009

In Reality though......

I love to drink tea from a tea cup, but don't, because I need lots of tea and so a mug is the only way to go. But that changed today after I went to a local village fete and found this old GIGANTIC tea cup and saucer. Seen here next to normal sized tea cup and saucer. Perhaps it was meant just as souvenir because it says, "A present from Folkstone" - which also made me giggle. The image of Folkstone on the cup is so so pretty. Can you see? A beautiful little cottage,like something from an old chocolate box? When in reality, let's face it, you say Folkstone UK - you think this..... I'm happy living in LaLa Land - you? TTFN xxxxxxx

Uh oh Dolly Emergency - NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!

Oh dear youngest's Betsy Doll had an awful night. She was vomited on (nice) and I then proceeded to wash her face off sending youngest into fits of despair. She was taken to Mummy's ER and tended too immediately.Time for a face off. A few pins here and there. A bit of fabric glue (yes a bit of a rush job) and time to do a spot of reading. Nurse Ladybird takes five, no emergency takes her away from her knitting! She can hear the screams.And a bright new ribbon and hey presto! (Betsy seen here with an untreated patient) However that night, as you may notice, Betsy Doll still managed to have her new face marred somewhat. This time it was over zealous cuddling inspired by the heart, rather that regurgitated cupcakes courtesy of the stomach. Oh what it is to be a Mummy. TTFN. xxxxx

Friday, 15 May 2009

Darn this Crochet Lark!!!!

I so want to be able to crochet, really I do. So I combined two of my passions and bought this Ladybird book.It's for children, right, so how hard could it be? Things I need. Got. Check. Washed my hands. Check. Not too difficult, so far. OK, I'VE LOST IT ALREADY. THAT'S IT I GIVE UP! And my husband SO wanted a crocheted, yellow tie. TTFN xxxxxx

When four was a Major Miracle!

I caught my girls playing with these cards last night. They're part of a promotional campaign for Cow & Gate baby milk, not sure what year though. Quadruplets had been born and they were using them to advertise their powdered milk - marketing...it ain't a new thing! Hurrah...or not.....she looks a bit psychotic to me. Of course it is! And introducing..... Not sure I like the look of these babies - maybe it's the milk?? Now, of course boob is best - so they say - would you trust this man? Just a drop of Rum.....Is their logo still the same I wonder?I hope he's moved on..... And my favourite! TTFN xxxxxxxx