Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dress Disaster!

Just to prove not everything I make comes out according to plan - well very little does actually - here's something I made/ attempted / failed at earlier. A dress for my youngest! I stopped half way through, suddenly aware of the futility of proceeding. We all had a laugh at Mummy's attempt at making her first dress, without measuring her child and without a pattern, just impatient enthusiasm. I say we all had a laugh, Youngest took her time. I thought it was all going to plan, until I started sewing. I had used another dress as a template, but then with blind confidence thought I would improvise.I also realised that whoever had the privilege of wearing this dress was going to look alot like a Toadstool. So, I stopped and have packed away my sewing machine, until I have collected my dignity back off the floor. In the meantime - go on have a giggle - at least then I know all my hardish work will have been for something. TTFN xxxxx


  1. Oh bless her I think the dress is great!
    And look at her on the toadstool....
    She is just beautiful xx

  2. I think the dress is fantastic, you should be very proud of yourself :)

    How bizarre, I have done a post now on how I made my daughter's, yes you've guessed it, first dress !


  3. aww she looks very sweet! You sound a lot like me, just going for it and hang the consequences! (when it comes to craft that is). And when things go wrong well you have to laugh.


  4. Well frankly, I think the dress looks fine. She looks so cute in it. You sound like me, I've never liked anything I

  5. Hey now, there's nothing wrong with that -- it's cute and your little one looks totally comfortable! That's a success I'd say!!

  6. I wouldn't even dare make a dress, so I applaud you for what you managed - she does look cute! I am exactly the same with not really thinking everything through before I begin...

    There's a challenge for you on today's post on my blog, if you'd like to take it up!

  7. Well, she's cute in anything!

    Just to let you know that I have set up a new blog to replace my lost one at:

    Hope to see you there soon!