Sunday, 3 May 2009

I've Won A Giveaway!

And I am SO excited, two lovely cups and some napkins, just right for tea and cakes in the promised sunshine. I feel so chuffed, I haven't been blogging long, but feel quite a sense of belonging amongst all these lovely new online friends and to be able to read your blogs is gift enough, but to be given extras just makes me feel all warm inside. THANK YOU SO MUCH My Secret Garden, which is a really pretty site.


  1. Congrats on winning these cute tea cups.
    LOL...I would agree with your hubby they are so amazing, but they were taken, and I wish I'd saved the a well know ocean photographer. He is well know for taking picture of surfers while they ride the waves and these are some he took while doing a photo shoot in Hawaii. Aren't they amzing.

  2. Don't forget to email me your address! My email is The teacups just can't wait to be adopted!


  3. Congrats! It's always fun to receive something exciting in the post!

  4. Ooh how lovely to receive something so pretty though the post, better than brown envelopes anyday X