Thursday, 14 May 2009

My Latest Creations....

Ok so I think I may have kept you in suspense too long and for very little. I fear you may be very unimpressed but hey ho - here goes - be kind....:) I took my inspiration from this very old toy cart I picked up at a carboot some years ago.I really wanted to make the girls some pretty storage boxes rather than use the plastic ones hidden under their beds. So I bought some plain boxes, made myself a cuppa in my lovely Gabriella Miller mug and got painting in some yummy ice-creamy colours. I found these vintage 1950s transfers on line. They are extremely fiddley but I eventually got the hang of it. I just love them, proper vintage nursery imagery. A layer of varnish and Voila! The pixie is so cute. I have loads left so am wondering what to Pixyfy next? We've put special books & toys inside. Poor Old Bear, he needs some new eyes. I am so pleased with them, I think I will do some more, what do you think (remember be kind!) TTFN xxxxx


  1. Oh Fleur they're fabulous, you're such a clever lady!!! I like my girls room to be traditional rather then modern...if you scan back through my posts you might see a few photos...

  2. Eeek they look fabulous!

    I'm working on something similar myself at the moment and now I'm under pressure to make mine look half as good as yours!

    Victoria xxx

  3. Oh Fleur they are fab you are so so clever. The transfers are just the cutest.

  4. They look fab - honestly.
    Hen x

  5. Fleur they look fabulous :) If it is alright with you I know someone who would love to know about this post so shall link to you if that is alright, she is very interested in finding some transfers a little like yours and I know would love to see what you have done. Love your little books too, I reecnetly picked up Brer Rabbit.

    Hey I think we both love very similar things :) Righteo off to pop you on the side of my Blog if that is alright.

    Lovvvve your blog by the way :)


  6. Utter nonsense - being kind indeed. They look fantastic and fabulous.

    Would love to know where you found those transfers as they are so gorgeous.

    Lisa x

  7. GASP, I LOVE THEM!!!!! I have some wooden boxes just like this, you have inspired me!

  8. Hiya, just looking through your old posts. I don't have kids, but if I did I think I'd also like them to have less naff cartoony modern rubbish and more traditional things. They look wonderful!