Friday, 8 May 2009

Rain Started Play

It was a miserable stormy morning here in Surrey England - and so I resigned myself to something I had been putting off for....ever. Going to the launderette..... But then my lovely sister in law called and the Postman arrived and look what he brought for me today! Inside was a beautiful print from Pixie Land - she even signed it for me. I am, you see, really trying to build up, a very modest, collection of Art. I have always had a thing for the Man in the Moon. Also, some polka dot material to make summer dresses with (well I'll have a go). As usual I didn't take note of the measurements and the polka dots are massive. I don't mind though. By the time I had gushed over these the rain had STOPPED and the sun shone brightly. Laundrette or tea and cakes with dear daughter, followed by thrift shopping? Hmmm. Shopping obviously. And I am SO GLAD I did. I had a MAGIC moment, the kind I have actually dreamed about (saddo) A haul of Ladybird Books. I couldn't contain my excitement. I scooped them all up and raced to the till! I have just won this book below on eBay (typical) and paid £4.00- this one, like all the rest were 79p EACH!!!!!!! JOY!!! The skies opened and it poured again. So dear daughter and I raced into our favourite tearoom and had fizzy and apple pie, flicking through the pages of 'our' new books. THEN......when the sun returned we popped into the next charity shop and found this....... Obviously I had to have it, it wasn't pennies, but I was still buzzing from my book buy. It's missing a flask, or two, but now I have something to search for. I just love it. When I got home I opened the pages of one of the books and found this picture, which made me feel as though I was meant to buy the picnic set. So, in conclusion, yes I really should have dragged all those heavy bags of washing, along with my daughter to the launderette, but I am so glad I didn't - the washing can wait....and wait......and wait.....and..... TTFN XXXX


  1. What a wonderful blog i've found!!!


  2. Well, I think you made all the right decisions! What a wonderful selection of nostalgia. I've just come back from a Vide Greniers where I found a good selection of French nostalgia, but I really do miss a good Charity Shop...

  3. Picnics first, laundry later. Great rule to live by! t.x

  4. Hi there, I love your blog and I hope you dont mind but I've added it to my blogroll on my site.
    Take Care
    Love Melanie xxxx

  5. Love the blog, and your great nostalgic pics. Also loved seeing a picture of my bunting on your site! Let me know if anyone wants lovely vintage-effect Great British Union Jack Bunting from my Zigzag workshop.

    Kim x

  6. That is some Ladybird book haul. I managed to find a few in a charity shop I don't often visit for 10p each! Bargain!!!

    The picnic set is gorgeous and obviously meant to be from the picture.

    Glad to have found your blog,

    Victoria xx