Sunday, 10 May 2009

I Love Carboots!

Well one giant one in particular, people even travel down from London for this one. I do hate getting up early on a Sunday morning, but the booty call (tee) is too strong sometimes. There was a lady who had bought the entire stock of a shop that had gone bust (blumin' credit crunch) and was selling it all at a tenth of the price - I couldn't believe my luck. So much lovely, brand new, crocheted items. A mushroom stool for the youngest.....(how cool is this)Bunting! Yay! £2 for 2 packets! It's so pretty! A sweet Happy Birthday banner - £1 - so I bought 2 (tee hee) Pom-poms! Baby Hat, although I wish I had one! (the hat, not another baby) This white, vintage table cloth was a bargain too! Now - I bought this 'piece' below thinking it was a flower shaped rug - however, on inspection it roches in the middle as though it's supposed to be draped over something....any ideas??? A telephone with a little bell inside. This is a Christmas present for a special little girl, yes I am doing that already - aren't you? Then a few additional bits & bobs. These adorable paper dolls went down a hit! My daughters love seeing what Mummy comes home with - as opposed to husband. I always feel less guilty about leaving them if I return with booty goodies. They were only 50p each and the girls played so happily in the sunshine with them. Money well spent. This Maze Board game is for eldest DD. We have a Wii Fit and all that jazz, but you still can't beat a good old fashioned board game. A vintage, puncture repair kit - I know, but it was 10p but I figured the girls will be out on their bikes soon and we would at some stage need it. Buttons - I always need buttons, especially when they are Exclusive.A vinatge, blue rose, piny (20p!!! and it's prettier than in pic) and a sweet, cotton dress for youngest (if I leave it on the line do you think the creases will just drop out?) I love vintage playing cards and the girls do too, can't wait to see how this one plays? There was more! But, one other item, the best really - is a project which I will reveal at a later date when finished. I have been making lots of things recently and can't wait to show them to you! Hope you are happy ladies today? TTFN xxxx


  1. Great stuff! And how can you be so secretive? I want to know what the project is now! You are a tease! ;-)

  2. Absolutely adorable finds! What a shame about the shop closing down, though. I suppose she was glad to be selling to someone like you who really appreciated her stuff... Thanks very much for entering my giveaway - best of luck!

  3. Hello chick - thankyou for your kind comments on my blog...I love your fab finds...especially those lexcon cards...remember you can use them at christmas ( Merry Christmas ) over the fireplace looks divine!

    Listen contact me via my email on my profile page...that is the sweetest thing of you to buy us a pressie :) i would love to see it :)

    Although you havn't met me, we are friends through this blogging world remember :) it so fun isnt it!

    Speak soon honey - love Happy xx

  4. What lovely goodies you found at the car boot sale... they're just such fun are they never knowing what you'll be coming home with.

    Victoria xx

    Ps Yes, like you I am already buying Christmas presents.

  5. Hello Fleur,
    What a great haul you have there. I love all the crocheted things, that toadstool especially. What is it about toadstools that they are so appealing? Love your playing cards too. Looking forward to seeing what the mystery item is!
    Hen x

  6. Wow, you did pick up some fab bargains! I adore boot sales! xxx

  7. Good score! I especially like the mushroom stool!

  8. Oh Fleur I am so so jealous of the lovely buys from the lady who bought up a shop! What great finds and for great prices..... does she sell any of it online on ebay do you know! She could make a fortune.
    We have so much in common out love for so many things are the same xx