Thursday, 7 May 2009

Unashamedly Kitsch!!

SO excited! Look what Mr. Postman brought to me today...... My DUMPLING DYNASTY purse. I love it!!!!! And it's really nice quality, I'm so pleased, like a little kid. Speaking of which, Postman also brought..... Another addition to my Ladybird Books collection. I had this one as a child and haven't seen it since, so poured over the pages with my youngest. Poor Humpty :( And this one, to help prepare my lovely daughter for school in September, alright, it was for me... But I just love the pictures SO much.... YUM! Some material arrived aswell! I have 3 orders for bags and purses from Dear Daughters! It is Kitty Cute though isn't it? Is it? You can't see, but it is covered in glitter. So, as we are on a Kitsch Kick, here's some more... Signs for the Kitchen....But the Wall's Ice Cream sign is special and sentimental. It used to hang outside My Grandparents Post Office many years ago. And Monkey Sweetie Jar - this one stays on the top shelf. It used to drive me mad that I could never find Birthday Candles every birthday, even though I buy copious amounts of things, so I bought this at a car boot and LOVE it.....Look at the lid..... And finally my latest acquisition from Ebay Land......this little chap, not usually something I would go for, but I liked the colours and there was just something about him? Don't know what? Take Care all and AGAIN thank you for joining me and all your wonderful comments. TTFN xxxx


  1. I love the material, so cute. The signs are nice, but I must say the art work in the old books are just so special. They don't have art work like that in the books anymore.
    Have a great wee-end

  2. I think the tin is my absolute favourite - I have loads of old candles saved in a plastic tub, and they come in very handy, but your tin is far superior! My latest buys are on my blog at the moment too - what would we do without ebay?

  3. I love your kitchness :o) My daughter would just adore that purse!
    Many thanks for your email, I have trouble with the comment box thingies somedays too.
    Good wishes to you

  4. Hi
    This is my first visit .I was so excited when I saw the name Marble Rose . It reminded me of my passion for vintage childrens books so I wandered on over and much to my suprise I could spend all my time here on your delightful blog.I am passionate about collecting vintage childrens books.The art work is so simple and fun.
    I have really enjoyed myself .Hope you have avery Blessed Mother's Day.

  5. I don't know what to comment on first... the precious Walls sign.... the CUTE cookie jar or the wonderful candle tin. I've never seen anything like it.

    Victoria xx