Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Putting the Spring into Spring Cleaning!

Cleaning. Yuk. So, this is how I try to make it a bit more bearable with a few pretty things. First things first - a pretty piny..... I always have the radio on, preferably with some old jazz or classical - and I HEART my Roberts Radio! Welcome to my Washroom. Mopping and brushing don't you just love it. Pretty peg bag - but I use it for all my plastic bags. I'm not sure what these are called, but I know they are great for collecting all my cake crumbs! No, I don't use a washboard - it's a notice board. In my head if I actually pretend I am some sort of house keeper from a past era, it doesn't make me feel so depressed. It's like, if I can make game of it all, it's not really my life. Does that make sense? I do not Heart ironing. It's great putting all that nasty packaging away in here. Out of sight out of mind. These gingham Laundry bags are everywhere and for some reason they are always full??? Go figure??? Some old fashioned Lavender Wax Polish - empty now though :( A proper old shoe shine box.... And this cute little 1950's book - which is full of hilarious ways in which to keep your home spit and span for your darling husband (tee hee) And I have to say than rather emulating the top image - I rather look like this at the end of a cleaning sesh - how about you? TTFN xxx


  1. Hi - thanks for popping over to my blog! Yes, the book is by Emily Chalmers, and I heartily recommend it. I enjoyed this post - I do not HEART housework either, and I find blogging a great way of ignoring it! Problem. However, I am currently working on a 'bring it off the line, iron it immediately' strategy, which seems to be reducing my huge ironing sessions. Now I've got to find a way to enjoy hoovering... All your vintage household stuff is lovely.

  2. Oh I just LOVE your photos today! lots of fun! and Scrummie things to look at. Has not only brought a smile to my face, but has encouraged me to take up a spot of cleaning tomorrow (which my kitchen will very much thank me for). Many Thanks x

  3. I have a Roberts radio too...love it!!
    I hate ironing and I was not put on this earth to do everyone's,so there!!...LOL!
    Now I am off to read more of your fab blog !

  4. Do you know Fleur the more I read your blog the more like me you are! LOL I mean that in a lovely way. We have so many things the same. We love the same things xx