Wednesday, 6 May 2009


So here we are all again on Rednesday! at My Secret Garden Hmmm, last week was really easy, I think I may have peeked too soon. Anyway, here's my little offering of Red. Sit down and have a cuppa...... and come into my garden, (the inhabitants did not want their picture taken......) hopefully we won't need this...... And let me tell you what this is? A very special Photo Album/ Scrap Book I made it as a Valentine Gift after the birth of my final daughter. It contains every Valentine card between my husband and I. Lots of lovey dovey pictures and mementos from our years together, coupled with Vintage Valentine Cards. From Girlfriend.... To Wife..... .....and a painting of where we spent our honeymoon in France..... To a picture of my Third Daughter, the day she was born.
It will be our 10 year Anniversary in June!
TTFN xxxx


  1. Hi! Lots of cute red things! The best is your baby daughter....adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for entering my give-back! I wish you luck! Stop by and visit again and I will do the same....nice to meet you!
    Be well, Laura

  2. What a lovely collection, and so appropriate for a red day!

  3. I think they are all adorable items, but my favorite one is the Valentine albums and the sweet picture of your 3d child, so sweet.

  4. Oh, please go to my Rednesday page and link up so others can see your mouth-watering goodies!

    You're such a romantic! I'm not sentimental about cards and such. I absolutely love your little mushroom house! I have a fairy garden - but I haven't set it out yet this Spring. The first-aid box is adorable, too!

  5. I liked it ALL! From the knitted tea cosy to the darling daughter. Those valentines are special! Thanks for a great post, Ruby

  6. Adorable!!! all of it
    but especially your gorgeous little angel xxx

  7. I loved every single thing here. Great post!!