Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Knitted Delights!

My youngest's nursery often had a toy sale to raise money for their lovely establishment and I always got very very excited! One of the Grandmas would always donate loads of woolen toys she had made. Whoever this talented lady is she is incredibly prolific! Here's what I bought this time (some of these are Christmas pressies - so Caroline....close your eyes!) So much work - I love them - the details are delightful! Don't forget the Giveaway!!! And a warm welcome to my new followers!
TTFN xxx

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Christmas Pressies for my Girls - Kitty Bag

Well it's an attempt at a bag for my eldest. I didn't follow a pattern and now appreciate that perhaps sometimes you really do need one! But I did my best and as she chose the material, I'm sure she'll like it and hopefully not notice the terrible sewing!Aren't these such cuties? 50p each at CB - nice little Christmas treats! And this is a Marble Rose mirror that eldest insisted she had instead of the shop....hmph! Don't forget the giveaway! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
TTFN xxxx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Marble Rose 100th Post Grand Giveaway!

Welcome to my 100th post Give Away! Like every other blogger I can't believe how quickly I've achieved this amount of posts and am so grateful to the warm welcome and overwhelming response Marble Rose has had. In light of this, I wanted to give you wonderful people something back. I tried to include bits that everyone might enjoy - I hope so anyway?
A vintage set of Lexicon Playing Cards...... A 1960's Colouring Book....So you'll be needing a 1960's Japanese mini paint-box set- so cute!!! 1980's Rabbit Eraser, in case you make a mistake. A large sheet of vintage wall paper - what would you do with this? Two metres of vintage ribbon and fringing. Tea Time with Mr. Owl Tea Pot!!! And every Tea Pot needs a beautiful vintage, embroidered Tea Cosy Time for a read with a 1960's Bimbo Comic. Or a 1950's Annual? Now - a bit of pampering...... Finally, a heart made by me to you xxxxx So if you would like to enter then.......
  • 1) If you aren't a follower already, please join me, I'm trying to make it 100!!!! - 1 ENTRY
  • 2) If you are already a lovely follower please leave a comment - 1 ENTRY
  • 3) Spread the joy by posting my Give Away Badge on your Blog- 1 ENTRY
  • 4) If a person mentions that they found the Give Away through you - 1 ENTRY
That's it! Only a few more posts to go, so quick sticks! My blog has been a real saving grace this year, I do hope my gifts reflect what you mean to me? Good Luck!!!!
TTFN xxx

Monday, 12 October 2009

Christmas Pressies for my Girls - Cats

I thought each week I would reveal one of my little, humble makes for one of my children's Christmas pressies. This means, obviously they're no longer allowed to see Mummy's blog! So, here's a couple of little cats - my first attempt at a stuffed animal - and it was so fun - I could make a whole litter. It was wonderful to go through all my buttons with an actual reason! Then finally use some of the baby dresses I have been saving. The girls will love these, as they love cats, were very fond of these dresses and have a big thing for small cuddly toys - but since I have banned the purchase of any more (I'm talking McDonald Degenerates)- these should be a real treat at Christmas! Don't they have funny little faces? The above was a stickler - it was stretchy material - I had to use tissue paper between fabric to get it sewed up. Very tricky - well for me! Hope you are all well. I am going to a party on Thursday and guess who will be there.......only George Swooney Clooney. Yum!
TTFN xxxxx

Mary Rose Young UPDATE

Gosh, how very exciting. I contacted MRY's studio and just received this reply.
Dear Fleur Hello...Mary Rose had a look at the photos and yes she made that one....more than anything she recognises her writing. She reckons 1984 made for a shop called Strangeways in Covent Garden....it really is one of her first ever "Rose Encrusted" pieces....it's probably fragile James
Thank You Floss for your link ! You see! There are still bargains to be found!
TTFN xxxxxx

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Umbrella Stand

One Rainy Night....... I decided to turn this...... Into this...... And then..... The sun came out. TTFN xxxx

Mary Rose Young

Anybody know anything about 'Mary Rose Young'? I picked this up at a Charity Shop quite a while back because I instantly fell in love with it. I had forgotten about it until I popped into my garage (remember that scary place?) and retrieved it. It's a bit dirty and slightly chipped, so am going to clean it up today. I wish I knew how old it was? It's so pretty and colourful, it really cheers me up and I adore things that are both beautiful and functional also. Anyway, on the base there is a name, Mary Rose Young - and I was wondering whether you know of her or about her? TTFN xxxxx

Who needs a Rubber?

I mean erasers of course! I recently decided for no apparent reason to purchase somebody's 1980's collection of said erasers on Ebay. Actually there was only a few that interested me, nostalgically - and those were the Rose, The Joker and the Ariel packet . But when they arrived in the post I can't tell you and am also slightly embarrassed to admit that I had such fun going through them all - each one lovingly wrapped in tissue paper. My husband and I laughed like school kids as each appeared to comments like, "Ooh I wanted that one....ooh I think I had that....oh yeah everyone had that one.....hmm that one always smudged...ooohh smell it smell it!'I was amazed that I remembered so many - who knew!? Do you recognise any? Or was it me that just made alot of mistakes? (and still does)