Saturday, 10 October 2009

Who needs a Rubber?

I mean erasers of course! I recently decided for no apparent reason to purchase somebody's 1980's collection of said erasers on Ebay. Actually there was only a few that interested me, nostalgically - and those were the Rose, The Joker and the Ariel packet . But when they arrived in the post I can't tell you and am also slightly embarrassed to admit that I had such fun going through them all - each one lovingly wrapped in tissue paper. My husband and I laughed like school kids as each appeared to comments like, "Ooh I wanted that one....ooh I think I had that....oh yeah everyone had that one.....hmm that one always smudged...ooohh smell it smell it!'I was amazed that I remembered so many - who knew!? Do you recognise any? Or was it me that just made alot of mistakes? (and still does)


  1. oh my goodness - I am back there with VERY bad hair - I can smell them!! I had most of them in my (long gone) collection my collection was meagre my cousin had a bigger set - the rose oh yes I had the rose in several colours..and the rabbit and the toilet and the toothpaste tube- oh thank you I enjoyed the trip back to the 80's xxxxx

  2. Fantastic trip down memory lane! My younger sister had a huge collection in a big drawstring bag.Every weeks pocket money was spent tracking new ones!

  3. Oh i'm so jealous (and admit before commenting popped over to eBay to see what other collections are on offer!).

    I def had a few of them... the rabbit in the last picture for def!

    Victoria xx

  4. ooooooh - Bobby & Kate!!! I LOVED those!!! I had hunde=reds of rubers, I couldn't walk past a stationers!! Thanks for this post - memory lane or what!!!

    BH x