Sunday, 25 October 2009

Christmas Pressies for my Girls - Kitty Bag

Well it's an attempt at a bag for my eldest. I didn't follow a pattern and now appreciate that perhaps sometimes you really do need one! But I did my best and as she chose the material, I'm sure she'll like it and hopefully not notice the terrible sewing!Aren't these such cuties? 50p each at CB - nice little Christmas treats! And this is a Marble Rose mirror that eldest insisted she had instead of the shop....hmph! Don't forget the giveaway! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
TTFN xxxx


  1. Your eldest has great taste, the fabric is very pretty! And tell her that mummy is very good at sewing!..and crafting in general!

  2. That bag is WAY cute and much more complicated than the one I attempted today for Trick or Treating. Love the fabric you chose. :) Thanks for the visit and the prayers for my little one!

  3. Cute little figures!

    I think the bag looks good,

    Victoria xx

  4. I love those figures and I LOVE the bag with it's polka dot lining! suzie. x

  5. Hello there..i thought i would stop by and tell you that carmel apples are treats that we take 1 small apple and carmel candy melt the carmel and dip the whole apple into it and quickly roll the carmel topped appple into a favorite topping like chocolate pieces or nuts some people use colored candy sprinkles..what ever you like and then you can eat it and yes it is yummy! thanks for stoping by my blog! yours is very interesting! well done!

  6. I think someone needs to have a little more faith in their makes, that bag is lovely and any little girl would be over the moon to receive it.
    Beki xxx