Friday, 14 October 2011

Mish Mash Post

Not sure what this post is about - just a few of my favourite things and bargains - which we all luuurvee..... I bought two of these blankets from Ebay - separate sellers - but exactly the same pattern and colours........v. strange? I saw 8 of these chairs at the side of the road near where I live, being sold for £12 - and it just so happened I needed new kitchen chairs - how could I not? I am very tempted to paint them - - would you? I love this old toy - because I love pinball and Rupert bear - did you have one of these - my daughter loves it. I love this - and it was only 20p from a carboot. It is an oil burner, you fill the 'roof' with water and oil and burn the candle below - I WISH I knew how old it was...1950s??? Finally, this was 10p at the carboot and it has a hook to hang it up, but I saw the same thing on Ebay the other day as a jigsaw - either way - I love it!!! TTFN Fleur xxxxx