Monday, 12 October 2009

Mary Rose Young UPDATE

Gosh, how very exciting. I contacted MRY's studio and just received this reply.
Dear Fleur Hello...Mary Rose had a look at the photos and yes she made that one....more than anything she recognises her writing. She reckons 1984 made for a shop called Strangeways in Covent really is one of her first ever "Rose Encrusted"'s probably fragile James
Thank You Floss for your link ! You see! There are still bargains to be found!
TTFN xxxxxx


  1. Isn't the blogging community great! Love the brolly stand by the way - what colour is it?

  2. Well - WOW! Isn't that fantastic!

  3. That's great, It is a beautiful piece.8~)
    ~Myrna Lee