Friday, 15 May 2009

Darn this Crochet Lark!!!!

I so want to be able to crochet, really I do. So I combined two of my passions and bought this Ladybird book.It's for children, right, so how hard could it be? Things I need. Got. Check. Washed my hands. Check. Not too difficult, so far. OK, I'VE LOST IT ALREADY. THAT'S IT I GIVE UP! And my husband SO wanted a crocheted, yellow tie. TTFN xxxxxx


  1. Lucky you finding that book. I've got the knitting one, but haven't been able to track this one down yet.

    Keep at it with the crochet. Last year it was one of the things I decided I was going to learn. I got a few books, I started off with a beret which ended up very thick and doll sized. Then it started to make a bit more sense. Completely screwing it up helped me see what I should have been doing. Honestly one day it will seem really clear, just don't go making anything too dodgy like loo roll covers or ties.

    Have a great weekend.
    Lisa x

  2. Hi hun, my mum is teaching me at the moment and i know the frustration of it not 'clicking' is the worst thing-now i know what my five year old is feeling learning to read at the moment. I think if you just manage to do rows of the most basic stitch it'll become easier...maybe>?! Other than that i'll send mum over-she really is fab! X
    (p.s, check out lucys blog at Attic24, she has a few tutorials which may help?)

  3. Well Rubys Mamma, (see post above) is my niece and her mum is my sister well she would be and her mum is also teaching me to crochet! I am not very good at all and she keeps laughing at what I have done! Told her next time she needs help on the computer because she has pressed wrong button I will laugh at her.... Anyway keep at it as you say it cant be that hard!

  4. Oh meant to say am loving the crochet tie can imagine your hubby's disappointment but you will get there LOL

  5. That book is fab! If you want to learn to crochet, go onto Youtube for some tutorials, that is how I learnt, and it is so easy when your watching someone else do it. xxxx

  6. I have that book too! But I can't crochet either!

  7. Hi there! I've just stumbled upon a link to your blog and came across this post - if you are looking to learn crochet 'cause lets face it that yellow tie is to die for - I would suggest She also has videos of how to on youtube -

    BTW I just spotted your Cinderella book on the right. Isn't it precious! I had one when I was younger and as with most things it vanished - however I managed to track down a copy so I was very pleased indeed.

    Good Luck with the crochet!