Saturday, 16 May 2009

In Reality though......

I love to drink tea from a tea cup, but don't, because I need lots of tea and so a mug is the only way to go. But that changed today after I went to a local village fete and found this old GIGANTIC tea cup and saucer. Seen here next to normal sized tea cup and saucer. Perhaps it was meant just as souvenir because it says, "A present from Folkstone" - which also made me giggle. The image of Folkstone on the cup is so so pretty. Can you see? A beautiful little cottage,like something from an old chocolate box? When in reality, let's face it, you say Folkstone UK - you think this..... I'm happy living in LaLa Land - you? TTFN xxxxxxx


  1. I only drink out of a mug because I want more tea than you can get in a cup and saucer!

    Victoria xxx

  2. I think we're all in La La land here. Feel a bit shocked these days in contact with the real world as forget it exists sometimes.

    Keep on with the daydreams.

    Lisa x

  3. I'm the same as you, I love to drink my tea from a tea cup on a saucer, but there just too small! Lucky you in finding a larger one. xxxx

  4. I do love drinking out of a pretty teacup, but always find I need two or three cup fulls.

    I adore tea and the mugs that work well for me are my CK crush mugs, you get the perfect amount of tea in there.

    Gorgeous find, well done ;)

    I love your name by the way don't know if it your real one but very pretty :)


  5. Very amusing - I wonder if Folkestone was ever picturesque?