Friday, 15 May 2009

When four was a Major Miracle!

I caught my girls playing with these cards last night. They're part of a promotional campaign for Cow & Gate baby milk, not sure what year though. Quadruplets had been born and they were using them to advertise their powdered milk - ain't a new thing! Hurrah...or not.....she looks a bit psychotic to me. Of course it is! And introducing..... Not sure I like the look of these babies - maybe it's the milk?? Now, of course boob is best - so they say - would you trust this man? Just a drop of Rum.....Is their logo still the same I wonder?I hope he's moved on..... And my favourite! TTFN xxxxxxxx


  1. Oh my goodness the cards are great if not a bit frightening! LOL The quads are well perhaps only a mother could love them! The advertising is great the cow and the gate wow who would have thought of that. Thank you for sharing the cards with us Love them x

  2. Great post! xxxx

  3. He He, how funny, where did you find them, many of my lovely old books and toys I find in the CSs ( Charity Shops ) have to look hard though as they are more often than not hidden under piles and piles of new stuff, which I don't want ;)

    Hope you are having a nice day


  4. All these powdered milk ads scare me (because boob is best, as you say!) but that is quite a set of cards.

    Look, I found your quads on their christening day:

    That should give you a date for your cards, too. Have a great weekend!