Sunday, 17 May 2009


Patty Pam! I have been very curious about what 'felting' is - and then I accidentally found out with my daughter's best winter dress. The detailing is very pretty.So, inspired my fellow bloggers, I decided to cut it up, it really was unwearable and developed an idea...... And made this little cutey. She's not entirely perfect, but for a first attempt, she's alright and the girls love her. I have about five more of these dolly faces, so things can only get better. I think she is definitely a winter dolly, so I am thinking Christmas presents?I couldn't seem to glue her together - I thought that was the point of felt!?! Of course she had to have the Marble Rose trade mark 'pom pom' tail, like the Betsy Dolls. I think she's found her new home. TTFN xxxx I really must at some point return to my paid job and unpaid three children.


  1. How clever are you! You never cease to amaze me. Everything you touch turns into something beautiful xxxx

  2. So cute! A great idea! xxxx

  3. Oops! Well done for turning a disaster into a work of art!

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it was just what I needed :)

    Love your blog, it's so pretty. Those toy boxes you made are gorgeous and I hope your youngest's dolly hasn't had her new face completely loved off yet! The latest doll is so sweet.

    Mel xxx

  5. What a great idea! Those faces are so cute.


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  7. Oooh goodness I'm causing chaos here, (I've just accidentally deleted my last comment!) and I only wanted to say I was thrilled to see that someone else discovered felting all by accident... if only I was clever enough to have turned my disasters into such a scrumptiously happy little dolly too...x

  8. That doll is lovely, as indeed you are my lovely lady xx we received the Blighty 'T' on saturday and we loooooove it! thankyou so much honey xxxxx

    Now if you ever feel that you would like to send me that doll! LOL!

    Honestly chick you are a talented lady....she is divine.

    Thanks again Fleur...

    Love Happy, Max and Rosie xxx