Monday, 3 August 2009

Deck the Chair

So finally I grabbed from my garage (eek) one of the old deck chairs and decided to re vamp it a little. I bought 2 vintage bed spreads from CS ages ago and always intended to use them for something.So I took old scary, spider ridden deck chair. Stripped it. Painted it with left over red and after a bit of sewing and a small struggle with a few upholstery nails. VOILA! Add one child and a cat and SOME SUN! And we have the perfect Monday afternoon.
TTFN xxxxx


  1. Wow Fleur. Not saying it because it's the nice polite thing to say, that chair really is the business.

    And - how exciting. If you do manage to make it to us it would be great to meet you. You'll love Holt anyway - too many places to spend money.

    Lisa x

  2. You know what i had 3 planned to do last year !! also in red seeing yours looking fabulous i think i will get on and do my despite the lack of sun....Kieren

  3. That looks fabulous, I love the way the paint contrasts with the fabric, yummy!

    Mel xxx

  4. Hi there!! I love the've done a grand job there!

  5. Your chair makeover looks great. That's one big furry kitty there!
    Hen x

  6. LOVE the deckchair its fab :-)
    my teatowels are from a local shop that stocks this companys items that you can order from the website - its dangerous so be warned ;-)
    Lesley x

  7. How gorgeous, love the colours Fleur!Perfect place to sit for a cuppa!
    Rachel x

  8. Wow it looks fabulous :)

    Yes all from the same CB lol, I look everywhere believe me, and find the best things in the old and dusty boxes people have under the table not ON the table ;~)

    Well now I am very interested in your makeover as I aquired 2 vintage deckchairs from the CB too and haven't a clue what to do with them, so thanks for the inspiration :)


  9. That looks fab, the colours work really well together.
    Yvonne x

  10. Beatiful work on your chair! I wish I had one with some lovely fabric and new paint:)
    I like your black cat in your side bar...
    Aslo from your side bar.. for me the wicked witch of the west from Wizord of Oz... still do not watch this.
    I must return! :)

    With Kindness,