Thursday, 6 August 2009

Beamish - Part III - An English Woman's home is her.....?

In English Medieval Times, when court would dine, they used to place the lowly classes below the salt and the courtiers above it along the banquet table (salt being the expensive commodity it was). The class system hasn't really ended in the UK, although it's not as blatant - certainly not in Beamish 1920's. Here are two homes, the home of a solicitor and the home of a Miner - can you guess which is which?
Home number 1. Who lives in a house like this?The parlourThe Dining RoomThe KitchenThe Nursery
House number 2 & 3. Who lives in houses like these? (bear in mind their beds are in the living room/dining room.) ...and the toilet outside..... I really like the green house though - think they may have run out of glass? Looks Great! Both house holds to me were astonishingly beautiful but my ancestors were miners so I know which side of the salt I sit on. TTFN xxxx


  1. Thanks for the wish for "Winston". I hope he will return. My name "The Withies" Came from an inn in Compton, Surrey. I love Surrey!!!!!

  2. I know which house I'd prefer....but know I would have had something very similar to the one I have now.


  3. Fabulous photos! I'm off to the Torquay equivalent tomorrow..hope they let me take pics so that I can show you!

  4. I love the picture of Queen Victoria in the background of one of the rooms,

    Victoria x

  5. OH my gosh!!!!!! One of my phots is of the area between the coverd booths and the split rail fence. I did a series of path ways. I would love to hear from you. I first visited"The Withies" about 30 years ago. We have been back twice. Last year we enjoued the changes. My email

  6. A wonderful post. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous photos.

    I agree with you that both are beautiful, and I wonder if the contrast between a modern day solicitor's house and a miner's house would be so large? Maybe a city banker is today's equivalent?