Friday, 28 August 2009

More Bits & Bobs in the Etsy Shop.

What do you think? Apologies for more MarbleRose Etsy Shop stuff - I will keep it to a minimum - and I'm sure you'll forgive me and stick with me a while longer? TTFN xxxx


  1. I Love the bits and bob's box. I might just have to purchase one...or two or three! A brilliant christmas pressie!
    Lainie X

  2. Lovely!
    Make sure you're stocked up for christmas please!
    Beki xxx

  3. I love the room sign.....don't apologise for showing us your gorgeous things :)

  4. Dont you dare apologise! Ive decided not to buy my girls lots of crap toys this xmas as they have every toy you can think of already and the upstairs of the house(their lair)is looking more crammed daily! I think some of your pretties would be perfect...when i get some time i shall check it all out properly! Did you see the posts about the CL fair? k xxxxxxx

  5. Hey Fleur, would be so lovely if you could come to the CL fair,its in islington in landan tarn! On 12th Nov 09...sooo excited...are you on facebook? we've started a group for it if you are?x

  6. More great goodies!! I echo Beki and say stock up for us to do our christmas shopping!

    Victoria xx