Monday, 1 November 2010

A Lost Corner

Dust anyone - help yourself......
Any suggestions on what to do here? It's where my little Catholic remnants rest, well some of them. The Collection Box is at some point going to be put in our Bathroom, for people to "donate" a penny, rather than "spend" one. The bureau is great and more so because the grammar school my brother teaches at were throwing them away. So I took 2 - I would have taken more if space allowed. My question is - would you paint this bureau white?
Advise & discuss
TTFN xxx


  1. Oh that would be really pretty white. And the collection box white too :)

    All things nice...

  2. It's a lovely bureau but I'm not a fan of dark wood so I would definately paint it (or rather add it to my long 'to paint' list!). I saw one recently painted grey and it looked gorgeous - perhaps a white one would get lost against your walls?

  3. Although I'm not usually a proponent of "paint everything white," I think in this case it would stand out far better if you did paint it.

  4. I would definately paint it - I paint anything white that stands still long enough - luckily the dog keeps on the move !!!

    Wish I'd got one - its lovely

    Wonder how many buttons you will get in your collection box ???


  5. I have a similar dilema, will be my next post!
    I'd say paint and hurry up so we can see 'hehe'

    Little surprise for you on over at mine!

    B xxx

  6. I love painted furniture and that bureaux would look great painted in a soft grey or green....look forward to seeing what you do with it

  7. i am not the best person to ask.....if it stays still for more than 5 minsin my house it gets a lick of white paint....although for once i have resisted the urge to paint an edwardian wardrobe.......