Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Sweetness of a Rose

I suddenly realised there are roses everywhere in my house. I do love them though, my dream is to have a beautiful rose garden. My eldest daughter is even named after the Latin for Rose Garden. Tins tins and more tins......I like tins. Tee hee, I bought the above tin from ebay thinking it was a large cake tin. I didn't look at the measurements and when it arrived it was tiny! Just right to fit a cupcake in though! The above middle is actually a vintage Cadbury Roses tin which my mum gave to me. The rest? Carboots obviously :) I do love my Country Living Magazines, but when they reach the hundreds I reluctantly part with them and take them to the Doctors Waiting Room. Just call me Saint Marble Rose. Now this vintage quilt I am so proud of. I was going to the rubbish dump one day and saw a man about to throw it in one of the skips. Having no pride whatsoever I asked if I could have it? After a few weird looks, I came home popped it in the wash and it came up a treat! Pretty ballet bag. As we rent our home, I'm not allowed to paint the walls, so there is bunting EVERYWHERE! Time for tea, it always taste so much better out of a lovely old tea cup doesn't it? My bedside lamp Something to put all our toothbrushes in. Can you see the little blue rose talcum powder ball? Isn't it cute? Very 1950s. My youngest daughter wanted to model a rose ring for you all. And finally - THANK YOU all for your kind comments, I really really appreciate you visiting my blog. Finally, like minded people! TTFN x


  1. Lovely! Roses are just so beautiful & look gorgeous on anything!

  2. Welcome to blogland Marble Rose. Thanks for your lovely comments today. I prefer the cup in pink by the way, but then I have a pink smeg so guess I like that shade. Your blog has a great look to it by the way.

    Lisa x

  3. I've popped over from Bobo Bun's blog to have a peek at yours.
    It's Gorgeous!!!
    My eyes are nearly popping out here. Am just going to put the kettle on and settle down for a proper read and admire all the beautiful things.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  4. I love all of the rose items, there is nothing more beautiful than a rose.

  5. Love your tins...and the pocket book. I adore lovely old book covers ;-)