Saturday, 25 April 2009

Here's to You Mam

A litttle late, but whilst at a carbooty I came across all these old scrap books - and as I was feeling slightly patriotic with HM's 80th and St. George's Day, I couldn't resist. It actually made me feel quite sad, flicking through somebody elses beloved projects and wondered how such dedication managed to, decades later find itself shoved under a table, wrapped in a Sainsbury's bag at a car boot? They are full of 1950's newspaper cuttings, look at this fashion spread! And could the Mall be described this way anymore? Perhaps on a Saturday night maybe? Don't you love the colours in this illustration... I'd love to include them all in one of the bloggers giveaway, but still being a terrible novice I'm not sure how to include them? Heeeelp! This little chap was 50p at carbooty.... This atonimizer arrived from ebay today - isn't she lovely? And then these two little teapots for 50p each at a carboot, on seperate tables??? And it only took me a day to realise I had bought the Owl & the Pussycat! I've never seen this kind of teapot before, have you? On the base it says they are Japanese. Hope you are all well? TTFN xxx


  1. Hello my love! Again a lovely collection of treasures. Prima magazine seems to have followed your lead this week with all things british, nostalgic and kitsch, I read each page thinking 'Marble would love this!'.

    As novices, I think we are doing alright!! X

  2. Great finds! I went to the car boot on Sunday & didn't buy a single thing which is very unusual for me! Just lots of modern toys & billions of clothes.