Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Very Vintage Royal Wedding Party

Of course I had to go Vintage! I don't know why but it all went a bit 1940s! We all had such a wonderful time - we cried - we laughed - we shrieked - and we ATE!!! Everybody brought food along - and what a feast! We drank Pimms and started the morning with a traditional British Fry- Up, followed later by a very English Tea Party! All my vintage Royal collection was used to full effect - well - if not on a Royal Wedding, when?Before the food arrived........
Union Jack Trifle!!!!
Daddy's Rock CakesCucumber, Corned Beef - and yes even Spam Sandwiches!
Wish you could have been there!
Raising a cup of tea to the Happy Couple
I'm already gearing up to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!!!
TTFN xxxxxxxx


  1. What larks! is all I can say. I remember those red and silver chocolate marshmallows from my childhood - haven't seen them for years!

    Pomona x

  2. gorgeous, all of it looks amazing, im loving the kitchen so much x

  3. Looks and sounds great fun! Great buffet.....wasn't the whole day great!!