Sunday, 3 January 2010

A New Blog..........

I have started a new blog - a diary of my newest adventure.....buying and renovating our new house.....Appletree Cottage. At the moment it is a 16th Century hovel with a 2.5 acre paddock (!!!) and I have no idea what I am doing, but I do hope you will hold my hand.....please....I really will be needing lots of advice and encouragement.
Happy New Year to all of you everywhere and I genuinely hope that 2010 is a splendid year for you and yours, you ALL deserve a magical one.
TTFN xxxx


  1. I just found your blog through Victoria at Florence & Mary, and I have to say your cottage looks like it will be so quaint! I will come back to follow your remodeling adventures! Suzie

  2. Can't wait to see what you do to your it.

  3. Congratulations! What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you! Can't wait to see!
    Happy New Year Too!
    Rachel x

  4. Wow, how exciting, can't wait to see how it prgresses!

  5. wowee that looks a beautiful cottage, I am soooo jealous!! can't wait to see the progress xx

  6. Hi....Just found your blog via A Country Cottage..(don't you just love bloggyland)?....what an exciting wonderful project, one I wish we could undertake again, but after having done up houses and built one double storey and two single storey extentions ourselves,I think we're done. Well tkruth me known I'd do it again tomorrow, but hubby has other ideas...ah well. So I will watch and enjoy your trials and tribulations, hope all goes well...I will follow....Teresa

  7. It lokks absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see inside.


  8. Wow! Is it the one you were telling me about!
    Rita and I will have to come over with a bottle of bubbly (and maybe a paintbrush!) to celebrate!

  9. HI Fleur - have had loads of blog links lost and emails lost due to swapping laptops so missed your blog but have just emailed you my address thank you so much x

  10. Your Cottage is gorgeous! Have fun renovating! Thanks for sending positive thoughts my way :)


  11. 'Wow, wow and triple wow'

    that is an amazing place - good luck with the renovations.

    Nina xxxx

  12. hello kind lady - a very fab parcel arrived today thank you sooooo much :-)
    will blog it next week so will let you know when done :-) x

  13. Hi Fleur
    I never normally do interblog things, (too shy I think and also technophobic), but as it is winter and the allotment scene is very barren, I have asked you to join in a favourite photo meme thing. I would be thrilled if you want to join in, but no worries if you are too busy with the house.
    Best of luck

  14. Hi Fleur ( fabulous name by the way) I found you via Moy's (Reapwhatyougrow)lovely blog.
    I love all your pretty things you collect and the ceramic bowl with the roses around it is beautiful, what a lucky find. I am now going to have a look at your cottage. I will be back !!

  15. HI,
    What a beautiful adventure.

    Is this the correct blog to follow your "Appletree Cottage" home? I would like to follow your progress.

    With Kindness,