Friday, 18 June 2010

Bargain Pretties.

I know it's deemed crass to revel in the cheapness of a thrifty buy from Carboot Heaven, but sometimes the pleasure of a great deal is too much not to share. Isn't part of the fun to find pretties that you love and realise you are getting them for pittence? Well it is to me- when someone is selling lovelies for pennies, I feel as though I am rescuing them from a life of dark cupboards and forgotten drawers AND I'm not cursing at the expense of it all. I so much prefer other people's junk to 'shop-new' - don't you? So, in this post I am sharing my good fortune with you - whether it's crude or not!
BARGAIN 1- Vintage Christmas Decs - 20p each - I think they may be 1950's Japanese? I have seen them on American Blogs, but not UK - so I snapped them up super quick from a woman that was selling lots of coloured crochet needles. BARGAIN 2 - Crochet Hangers - £1 for 30!!!!!!!! - OK so they are not the gorgeous cotton kind - they are this kind of nylon type ribbon material - but does the job. When I reached into the bin bag of all these hangers I asked how much one was and she said a pound - which I winced at (yes cheap-skate I am) - but she meant for the lot! BARGAIN 3 - 1950's Cocktail Mats - £1 for 6 - Anyone for a Babysham? Not sure why I bought these - should be a talking point at my next party? BARGAIN 4, 5 &6 - Vintage Fans - 10p EACH! - They are so pretty, all hand painted and really well preserved. I wish I could pin point an age on them? I just love the thought of women once treasuring these and fluttering them in front of their delicate complexions. With the sunny weather I am determined to use one - and why not? Which is your favourite? So pretty aren't they? Anyhoo lovely people - have a delicious weekend.
TTFN xxxxx


  1. LOL, I must be really Crass- my blog is all about thrifting and the pursuit of a bargain... Oh well I'm not the only thrifting blog out there.

    Love your finds esp the vintage fans - think I'd use the one with lilac flowers on the front.

  2. Gorgeous bargains and not crass to share at all.
    Twiggy x

  3. Haha I am Mrs Crass then!!!! I love seeing what bargains people get though! The fans are cool (erm, no pun intended) and I love the Babycham coasters :)

    Mel xxx