Monday, 16 August 2010

Dinner Plates

Welcome to my Kitchen Cupboards, where there is no sense of order whatsoever.
I painted the one on the right after rescuing it from a skip
Thing is, I just got bored of the Denby dinner service we got for our Wedding, like so many other couples. So I packed it all away and decided to use vintage plates that looked pretty or unusual for dinner. I have so many - hardly any of them match - they all cost about 10p at carboots - but I love them (especially the cherry one.....ooh and the star one) They're a talking point - and sometimes a useful distraction from the food I serve up!


  1. Denby just lasts forever. We also got masses of it when we married 12 years ago and it still looks great but so utterly boring! The tea cups went earlier this year and I've started using vintage plates for Sunday lunch (yours are lovely!) so am taking the first steps to de-Denbyfying!

  2. I wouldn't mind to have a rummage into your pretty kitchen cupboards! ;0)

  3. Love those cupboards and plates.
    Apart from a plain white set we got for our wedding (that we rarely use)we use vintage plates. They're just so much prettier and brighten up both the dinner table and cupboards!

    Great collection.

  4. The cupboards are great, I love them! As for the plates, what a lovely idea, so much nicer than boring uniformity.