Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Crochet Love

I'm back! A gazillion posts to do - so let's get started! Firstly crochet - and as Spring is upon us I made a Springtime Wreath (pattern available at the lovely Attic 24 ). It was very easy to follow the pattern I have to say and I still consider myself a beginner, not bad for an afternoon's work (obviously not work at all)My mum gave me a little vintage crochet book and a new one for my birthday and there are quite a few things I would love to make from each -crocheting tastes haven't changed so much since the 1960s have they!? I am also making two blankets, one I started last year in time for Christmas (HA!) - maybe this year's hey? I dip into it from time to time, but we are not in a serious relationship and enter each others lives on a random basis. The other is far more committed and for another post - lots of sunshine squares - its going to be amazing - I hope? More posts to come. I hope you haven't forgotten about me ? I still love all your blogs and as usual they keep me smiling!


  1. Hi,

    Just love the colours on your blanket. Its gorgeous. Look forward to seeing what else you have been up to in the crochet world. The little wreath is pretty too.

    Nice to see you back!

    MBB x

  2. I learned to crochet from the first book you show; no, not in the 60's! It was about 10 or so years ago and I had been trying to learn unsuccessfully for about 10 years. We didn't have internet access then, and as crochet wasn't popular then, I didn't find anything much to teach me until a friend who did house clearances gave that booklet to me.