Saturday, 24 April 2010

By Jove I DID IT!

I'm not sure how I did it - well with a lot of help from my SIL and books actually. I started a small square and it seemed to go relatively well - so I just kept on going.....and going.....and going. The sides frill up - and I am sure this is not right - perhaps I should have counted stitches, or added some, or something....... I even managed to create a stitch (which I'm sure must have a name) all on my own!!! So, even though it is riddled with errors, it is full of love and hopefully by Christmas I shall having something to snuggle up under with the girls. I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW PROUD I FEEL! I have finally created something using the power of crochet - I love it - I can't put it down, I love finding a moment to escape and lose myself in it. I fully intend to be brilliant at it and fill my house with pretties. TTFN


  1. It looks amazing, very pretty xx

  2. Oh WOW. Am so proud! This looks really fab. I like the frills, they are beautiful. Sometimes you need to experiment to find out new stuff. There's nothing like playing around for finding out new stuff, and for really 'getting' how it works.

    The colours you've picked are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing lots more where this came from!