Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mr& Mrs Blue Bird on My....windowsill.

How cute is this......thingy? 10p - 10p ! Carboot of course. Love it - you can just make out that it is for putting things in - pencils maybe - or is it a little vase - not caring - it just make me so Zippadeedooda Mr. Bluebird!!!! Don't you love it when Springtime arrives? If you fancy seeing what I have done over at Appletree Cottage - please have a peek and let me know what you think!? TTFN xxx


  1. Very cute - isn't spring just perfect when you get lovely sunny days?

  2. I don't often go for china figures, but I have to admit, those are darned cute birdies and I would have taken that piece home as well. What a lovely Spring-y find.

  3. They are just about the cutest thing ever!