Tuesday, 14 July 2009


A bit of a nautical post today, as I was just lazing in my hammock outside swinging to and fro, watching the fluffy clouds drift - and remembered this little Sailor. Cheeky isn't he? 50p at local car boot - bargain me hearties! Loving the swinging flares aren't you? Flicking through a few old children's books I found a couple of seafaring ditties. You hum it and Bobby Shafto here will sing it, when he's finished combing those lovely locks. Pretty boy isn't he ?(tee) TTFN xxx


  1. Ahoy!

    He is a little cutie and the pictures from the books are great too. I dream of a nautical bathroom when I have my own home

    Victoria xx

  2. I love the way he's standing!
    It's like 'hey come and het me ladies' 'hehe'!
    Have a good week
    Beki xxx

  3. I love the sailor - bargain!!
    And i recognize the last pic - i have that book! x

  4. He Is cheeky! Very cute children's books. Twyla

  5. Well Hello Sailor! What a gorgeous little chap.. just the thing I was looking for a few weeks ago to go in one of my box frames..

    I do h hope you get to see Banksy... I am not sure if it is a travelling show.. I don't think so.. as it is a tribute to his home town of Bristol.. but keep your ears pinned back.. just in case it goes on the road!

    Michele xx

  6. Bobby S looks a bit iffy to me. Too cocky for my liking.

    Sailor I'm hugely envious of. I collect 30's figurines like this. Probably have a name - I don't know, but they all have similar faces and are adorable so lucky you. I also loved your shelves of tins. We need an open bloggers house event where we can all have a proper nose.

    Lisa x